– Staying motivated during Wint-ergh.


I’ve finally decided to create a blog. I’ve joked about it and now I have finally done it.  Of course, I’m cringing inside but there’s so much I want to share & write about …

Currently, I’m writing a play that I’ve become desperately passionate about and it’s made me want to write not only script-based stuff but blog-style content, too. I am bursting at the seams with creativity which was FAB at drama school because there was a constant wave of work that we had to do for our training. Now I’ve graduated, I want another outlet for my creativity in-between acting work so here we are. It’ll be a mish mash of Arts based content, Wellbeing , Beaty etc etc etc… Hiya.

I thought for my first post I would share some of the things I do to stay motivated in Winter.  Because Winter is sh*t. Well it’s not. But sometimes, it is. I get bouts of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) so I’m constantly battling against the inner Bernard Black that reappears each year saying things like “Just go to bed and drink wine all day until Spring”. None of these are revolutionary and you’ll probably know them all but sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself. So in no particular order…

  • #1 – TO DO LISTS. Some find them useful, some don’t. I love that feeling of ticking something off. My mentality is, if I’ve written it down then I HAVE to do it. It’s something to keep you going. I like to give myself little treats for when I’ve completed my list for the day (i.e something cosy like a hot chocolate) because I am a mother and a child all in one.unnamed
  • #2 – Packing your bag and planning your outfit the night before. Dark, early mornings are grim and rushing around to pack your bag and get dressed is even worse. You start the day tired, rushed and you’ll have most likely forgotten to pack ya Carmex so you spend the day in a huff cause you’ve got dry lips.
  • #3 – Citrus-y shower gel. My alarm has been set for 6am for the past month and it hurts my soul. Using a really fruity shower gel not only smells amazing but helps wake me up (a bit…).

I grab  The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel   when it’s on sale (check the website as they often do 40% off including sale which makes it so affordable) as you can smell it on your skin all day. Also, Superdrug’s Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel is currently 2 for £1.50 and is delightful. (lol look at me all blogger-y)

  • #4 – Fake Berrocca (cause why spend £7 when you can get it in Asda for £1?). Its vitamins, it’s a GR8 morning boost, it makes me feel like a proper adult about to do some adult stuff – so why not? The Vitamin C tablets are good for the immune system, absorption of iron, good for the skin and so much more. It gives you that “let’s kick some ass” feeling that we all deffo need more of in the winter. They also look like little, orange suns. Which is cute.
  • #5 – Having one thing a week to look forward to. So when you get that “ugh whyyyy” feeling, you can shove it to the side with an “OH but I’m doing *insert activity* this weekend –  YAS”.  It’s easy to get swept up in the wake up-go to work/uni/school-come home-BED routine but it’s important to still keep up a social life. It’s even more important for your mental health (especially if you suffer with SAD). This can be things like a theatre trip or a coffee date (Cafe Nero’s Clementine Latte is soo goood if you want a bit’o sunshine in ya life) or a wonder around the Christmas Markets or Brunch or a walk somewhere nice or a couple of pints or a visit to an art gallery or a museum or a sleepover or a gig or whatever you want to do…ew
  • #6 – Being outdoors. You go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Ew. Make the effort to go outside. Whether it’s a ten minute walk to the shop or an afternoon in the Lakes. It’ll clear your head and refresh your buttons and IT IS FREEEEE. Help out your internal body clock – it NEEDS sunlight.unnamed (19)
  •  #7 – Coffee. I don’t need to add any more here…unnamed (2)
  • #8 – Yoga. Because the cold weather makes us tense up and feeling achy just adds to that groggy, unproductive, irritable feeling. If in doubt, stretch it out AM I RIGHT?!>!>!
  • #9 – Releasing those negative thoughts. Say out loud or write it down on a piece of paper or in the notes on your phone and then GET RID/DELETE/RELEASE. Even drawing/painting helps. At drama school we were often reminded to inhale the good thoughts and exhale the bad. It works.unnamed (20)
  • #10 – GO EASY ON YOURSELF. The days are a lot shorter which means that it gets increasingly difficult to do as much as we normally do during Spring  & Summer. That whole “there aren’t enough hours in the day!” saying is all to prevalent during these darker months. When it gets dark, our bodies go into “yey, bedtime” mode but it’s only 4pm and you’ve got to finish work, cook tea, clean the kitchen, send emails etc etc etc… So don’t be hard on yourself when you’ve got a huge list of things to do but you just want to go to bed. Do as much as you can & reward yourself when you’ve done it all!

& there we go for my first post. Here’s a pic of Channing Tatum enjoying being cold. He’s an inspiration to us all. ❤ Channing Baetum. ❤


4 thoughts on “– Staying motivated during Wint-ergh.

  1. This is so helpful,thank you!


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