BeautyBay & Mario Badescu.

Today’s post is skin care related & I will be writing about one of my favourite beauty brands. Mario Badescu.  Taking care of my skin is something that is quite important to me and I love discovering new brands way to take good care of my skin. Mario Badescu has become one of my favourite brands and I just wanna share the lurrrrve.   

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                                                                                                                                                                   I heard about this brand last October when I got bored of Sudocrem and wanted something a bit more powerful to dry up a few spots I had. I saw something on Snapchat along the lines of “The affordable spot cream the Kardashians use iu9w0roliawsp!” so I decided to check it out. It was less than £15 and all of the reviews were super positive so I decided to treat myself. I was in rehearsals for my first 3rd year play at drama school and I wanted my skin to be as clear as possible.                                                                                                    It’s the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion –I ordered it from BeautyBay (more like beautybae <333) and it arrived super quick (I really recommend BeautyBae as the delivery is so fast, efficient and it’s easier to track than some other websites). You can also pick it up, along with more stuff from the brand, from Urban Outfitters.                       I love this magic pink stuff and have been using it since last October. I’m still only on my second bottle which is pretty good going for such a diddy sized item. It works really fast to shrink the spot and reduce redness. I leave it on overnight and by the morning, the spot has dried up and what is left of it is really easy to cover up with concealer.

How to use: You simply twist off the lid, (do.not.shake.the.bottle.) dip a cotton bud into the bottom of the bottle and put the lotion on the spot. Easy.

unnamed (32)

Order the Drying Lotion here.

Seaweed Night Cream – This stuff lasts for so long. In fact, it’s lasting so long that I’m wondering if it will ever run out (I purchased it at the start of the year) .It costs £18.80 which is a little steep but it is completely worth it for how long it lasts. You really only need a tiny amount for it to cover your whole face and neck as it’s such a rich consistency that feels so lovely. Not gonna lie, I feel a bit like a mermaid when I put it on. The product description says it’s suitable for all skin types and it really is. I LOVE THIS. I wake up with super soft, hydrated skin and I really do feel like I have a protective layer on my skin. I wash any excess off in the morning and my pores are visibly smaller. It also minimizes redness… JUST BUY IT.

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Order the Seaweed Night Cream here.

Acne Starter Kit – I bought this earlier in the year as my work friends and I (Sam & Amy <3) all had a bout of stress and weather related breakouts at the same time (~so in sync~ …  they were in their final few months of their degree too).    I needed something that was going to work quick. I trusted this brand as I was using the drying lotion and night cream so I didn’t hesitate when picking this up as you do get a lot for £28 and this brand works wonders for any skin problems. I heavily recommend the Drying Mask that’s included in the kit. This stuff is great for an area of breakouts and blocked pores. It sucks all the bad stuff out and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Remove makeup, cleanse and pop the mask on for about 20 minutes and it dries and shrinks the breakout area. I have to admit, it’s not the best smelling product and it looks a bit like cement but this is, oddly, what I love about it. Like a builder, this mask turns up to get the job done. No fuss. This stuff really does work! In the Acne Starter Kit you receive: Acne Facial Cleanser, Special Cucumber Lotion, Oil Free Moisturiser, Drying Mask & a Drying Cream sample. 

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Order the Acne Starter Kit here.

Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater – This £7 beauty is absolutely lovely. I’d had my eye on it for a while so when I ran out of my make up refreshing spray and setting spray, I picked it up in Urban Outfitters and instantly fell in love.  If I am perfectly honest, I don’t recommend it for setting makeup if you have combination to oily skin BUT it is great to put on before primer. It certainly keeps my make up fresh, with a hydrated glow but it doesn’t set my make up. However I do think that it would set makeup if you’re skin is naturally dry though. It’s soothing, refreshing and really makes my skin feel lovely. I also find it to work wonders if I ever get a slight tension headache. I tend to use it in the morning before I put primer on and in the evening after I have cleansed and toned. If you’re like me and sometimes cba to walk all the way to the sink to dampen your beauty blender then this spray works just as well. Teehee. This is a great gift idea for pretty much anyone really – whether as part of a gift or a stocking filler. 

unnamed (27)

unnamed (36)

Order the Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs & Rosewater here.

The best thing about this brand is that there’s no fuss, no fancy frills and no nonsense. The stuff does what it says it does and it does so quickly. It’s incredible value for money and there’s stuff to suit all skin types.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading & I can’t wait to share more of my beauty faves. x

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