Tis the season to be binging!

When all you want to do is either drink ‘n’ dance or curl up on the sofa and watch countless hours of television; I thought I’d mention some of my all time faves. I consider these all to be binge worthy greats to get stuck in to.  You will have probably seen them all, you may have seen some or you might’ve seen none at all but hopefully you’ll find a new fave here.  I’ll start with the dramas first and then on to some comic relief for this Monday…


In no particular order…


What an obvious choice. This gem first aired in Jan 2007… THAT’S OVER 10 years ago whaaat. It was such a cult show for my generation, growing into our teenage years. It’s full of nostalgia that I never tire of re-watching. It’s the most Tumblr show evurrrr. I’m still to meet anyone around my age who hasn’t watched it! Watch it here & on Netflix.


This came out really recently and you all MUST watch it. It’s a show that HAS to be binged. It had my boyfriend and I creasing. Based on the novel by ADD HERERERE… It really is sublime. Watch it here.


Written by Mike Bartlett who has written plays such as Cock & Earthquakes in London. One of the greatest edge-of-yer-seat-screaming-WHATAREYOUDOING to grace our screens. Watch the first series on Netflix.


And the award for Best Soundtrack To A Show Ever goes to…. This comedy drama is wonderful. Just wonderful. It’s deffo one of those binge watches for when you plan on lying in bed all day. Watch it here.


I adore Hitchcock films and Psycho is a family fave. My sisters and I have always loved it. When I saw this pop up on Netflix a few years ago I was of course excited… but slightly skeptical at the same time. Was it going to do the movie justice? The answer is YES, YES & YES! It’s so hard to not watch episode after episode because you need to know what happens next. Watch it on Netflix.


Writer of Scott & Bailey and Last Tango in Halifax, Sally Wainwright brings us an outstanding gift with Happy Valley. One of the best dramas I have ever seen. Sarah Lancashire is a goddess. Watch both series on Netflix.


Don’t really need to add anything here…


The William’s brothers have an exceptional writing talent (check out ITV’s Liar, if you haven’t already) and the acting in both series of The Missing is second to none. Everything about this show is incredible. The tension has you gripped for each second of this show. Check your phone or pop to the loo and you’re bound to miss a detail.


Forever a Cumberbitch. It gets watched and re-watched yet it still shocks and excites me as if I’m watching it with brand new eyes. Mark Gattis, Steven Moffat and Stephen Thompson create magic with their writing for this. I love it so much that I have all the DVDs. I never buy DVDs. Watch it on Netflix.


This is my ALL TIME FAVE SHOW EVER and it breaks my heart that more people didn’t watch it when it blessed our screens back in September 2005. Afterlife, created by Stephen Volk, follows Psychic, Alison Mundy (the unreal Lesley Sharp) and her relationship with the dead and why they haunt us. She’s soon discovered by Dr Robert Bridge (Andrew Lincoln, yano the guy from that Walking Dead show?) and a turbulent yet beautifully tragic friendship is unfolded throughout the two series of the show. Each episode has it’s own stand alone story but the thing that ties it all together is Alison and Robert. It’s haunting, it’s heartbreaking and it’s beautiful. It’s the show that made me realize that I wanted to act for a living. I can not recommend this show enough.




YES AND HO! The ‘fly on the wall’ style of this show just adds to how effing funny it is. It’s a tears-streaming-down-yer-face kinda show all thanks to an incredible cast that make it seem so effortless. And mock the government so perfectly. Watch it on Netflix.


Legends. Heroes. People I want to be friends with.  You can find countless clips on YouTube so head on over.


Always and forever <3333333 It makes me really happy that it’s on YouTube. I can’t be the only one that watches children’s TV when hungover?!?!?!


I binge this every. single.year when the SAD kicks in. I’m a very happy and chirpy person but there’s a smidge of my soul that belongs to Dylan Moran’s ‘Bernard Black’ character. Wine and misery – isn’t it delightful? Tamsin Greig & Bill Bailey make this show even more hilarious and enjoyable. So, so, so easy to binge & one of those very early 2000s shows that make you feel really nostalgic. Watch it here.


I don’t need to add much here. One of my life goals was achieved when I saw Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse live a few years ago. You can watch a load of their sketches on YouTube and their DVDs are super cheap on Amazon. Some of the most quoted sketches in the world EVER come from these chaps.


So weird. So beautiful and thankfully IT’S BACK ON OUR SCREENS THIS MONTH!!!!!!. What started off as a stage and radio show, soon became a classic television show. It’s just so bizarre and I absolutely adore it. Watch it here and on Netflix.


Onwards with the Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton love is Inside No.9 – another disturbingly beautiful creation. Each episode is an entirely new story that has you hooked from start to finish, all with familiar faces. Catch the first 2 series on Netflix.


I watch this from Series 1, Episode 1 right the way to the final episode, at least 4 times a year. It’s one of those shows that you love so much that you can’t believe more people haven’t seen it. If you haven’t, or you don’t think it’s your cup of tea… Just watch it. I still cry with laughter from this gem.


WHEEELS ON FIREEEE ROLLLINN DOWN THE ROOOOAAADDD….. Absolutely Fabulous is a show that’s perfectly described by it’s title. It’s fun, it’s silly and is oozing delightful nostalgia. JUST FABULOUS DAHLING.


The Fast Show. The best show. The greatest sketch show to ever grace our screens. I bought the box set for my Dad a few years ago and it’s been at mine ever since… (soz dad). I’m a proper Fast Show fan gal and get well excited when I hear people quote it. My generation grew up with Little Britain and Catherine Tate (which I still love) but you can’t get much better than The Fast Show. It’ll really cheer you up if you’re feeling “meh” and it’s the type of show that you’ll never grow tired of. IT’S BRILLIAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaannnt.


Of course, that’s just a selection and I would love to hear some more recommendations for binge worthy shows.


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