£10 Budget Foundation Fave

I have been a fan of MAC Cosmetic’s Studio Fix foundation for about 8 years now. It’s my Winter fave when I need/want a heavier coverage. I only purchase it once a year as I buy two shades and mix depending on how tanned I am. It has a gorgeous matte finish and lasts all day long. It has SPF 15 in as well which is always a bonus!

However this winter I have decided to stay with my summer fave foundation instead. It’s Boujois’ Healthy Mix foundation & I cannot recommend it enough. Both the foundation and serum foundation are delightful. They make your skin feel so healthy without over dew-ing it. It contains vitamins C,E & B5 and keeps your skin feeling hydrated and awake – even if you aren’t! I find it so easy to blend and it’s build-able enough so that if you do want a fuller coverage, it’s easily achievable. You can have that Mac worthy full coverage or a more natural, tinted moistoriser-esque look – I seem to be either or. This is the one foundation I have found that is heavy enough to even out skin tone whilst still letting my freckles come through. Another reason why I love the Healthy Mix is because it mixes so well. As with the Mac, I use two different shades and mix them both depending on how tanned I am and I find this makes the perfect shade for my face. I’m either Snow White or Dora The Explorer…

unnamed (39).jpg

If you plan on purchasing it, you can get this FREE Christmas Cracker when you spend £12 on Bourjois. You get 3 full size products and they’re all pretty good (and if they’re not for your liking, they make great stocking fillers).

unnamed (41)
Using the Healthy Mix foundation in shades No55 & No51.


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