We Need To Talk About My Fave Christmas Film…

Every year we all get excited for Elf, Home Alone, It’s A Wonderful Life etc etc… But one Crimbo gem is often left off the list and it causes my family and I great distress.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is absolutely outstanding & if you’re my age & haven’t seen it then I blame your parents. Of course, I jest but I just wanna publicly share my love for The Griswold’s Family. Chevy Chase is brilliant in the National Lampoons movies and the Christmas one has to be the best, right?!?!. It’s a classic comedy film set in Chicago, about the Griswold’s and their hectic family Crimbo. It’s full of slapstick and silly humor but it has a lot of heart. We all love a quotable film & I quote this one as much as Mean Girls. I’ve been watching this movie ever since I can remember & each year it brings me tremendous joy. It’s on Channel 5 every year so watch it (if it hasn’t been on already… I’ve got about 23245 copies of it at home…). Also, it has Leonard from The Big Bang Theory when he was a kid.

Image taken from Google Images

If you fancy a proper giggle or fancy something to get you into the festive spirit then watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation NOOOWWWW. xxx

Image taken from Google Images

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