You Are Wonderful

It’s the time of year where it seems to have been instilled in us to create a resolution for the upcoming year. I wish the New Years Resolution thing was more of an End Of Year Recognition instead. We’re all so hard on ourselves and we need to take the time out to congratulate ourselves, too. It is okay to recognize your achievements… To praise yourself for overcoming the many obstacles that undoubtedly faced you this year… You did it, hun. WELL DONE! You are wonderful.

Whilst I’ve never been one to have a New Years Resolution, I do set goals. I like goals. Set yourself some goals for the year, physically write them down, visualize them happening and go and do it. You can. Have them folded up in your purse/wallet/bag or write them in the front page of your diary or stick ’em on the fridge.

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This book by Jasmin Kirkbride is a real treasure and one I recommend to everyone. It’s one that constantly sits on my coffee table or accompanies me on long train journeys. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little boost & this book does just that. It’s not the sort of book you read once and then forget about; it’s a real keeper. The author has also written about calming anxiety and how to stress less which I’m sure is also well worth picking up.

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Now go and give yourself some End of Year Recognition. And if you need a tad more winter motivation then check out a few of my tips here xxx

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