That’s Lush.

Good Morning & A Happy New Year!

Today I am back sharing the love for another of my fave beauty brands. Lush. Obvs. All the natural, all the fun & the sweetest of in-store staff EVVAAAHH. I’ve tried a lot of their stuff over the years (got my first ever bubble bar for Crimbo and how satisfying is it to break bits off? Is that weird?) but here is a round-up of some current favorites.

First up, let’s talk about D’Fluff. The smell is like candyfloss-y, marshmallow-y heaven. A few Summer’s ago (mm, Summer.) I was like “Hey, I wanna treat my legs for my Bday. They’ve been hidden away under a practice skirt for months” & a member of staff in store recommended this as it’s great for lathering up the skin so your razor works wonders. And it really does! It’s SO pink and SO fluffy. It’s fun to use, leaves your skin so smooth and is great if you want to treat yoself. A little goes a long way with this product so it’s well worth it. Oh & If you regularly shave your legs in the Winter; you’re inspiring.


Purchase D’Fluff here.

Next up is the Enchanted Eye Cream which I recommend using before bed as it leaves those bags and dark circles minimized when you wake up. It’s fab if you’ve got an early start and don’t have the time to spend ages concealing ya peepers. It’s a little pricey for what I’d normally spend on eye cream but it’s well it for how long it lasts – the size of the bottle is deceiving, in a good way (something I find with all Lush products!). 

Purchase the Enchanted Eye Cream here.

Vanishing Cream facial moisturizer. This delight actually helps me sleep at night because of the lavender. My skin absorbs this stuff so fast – it really drinks it up quickly. Hence the name ‘Vanishing’ – it’s a non-greasy or heavy duty cream that dries super fast, making it good to use before make up. It’s so lovely and calming and great if you don’t want anything too heavy on your face.  I use it when I want a matte make up look the next day. This one is a winner if you’re anxious or stressed and you need a good facial moisturizer.


Purchasing the Vanishing Cream here.

My go-to cleanser at the moment is Angels on Bare Skin. This is another lavender love. This time it’s got chamomile in too – absolute saviour for anxiety. There’s rose is in there as well which is working lovely for my tired skin. The almonds in this are used to gently exfoliate which is good for me to use in-between using a face scrub. The rest of the ingredients calm and relax the skin so it’s just a lovely cleanser. I love Lush cleansers because they are so much fun to use (I know, small pleasures). You simply take a small pinch of it, mix with water in the palm of your hands to create a paste and rub into the skin. It’s great for my t-zone and gentle enough for the rest of my face too.

Purchase Angels on Bare Skin here.

& finally, the Rosy Cheeks face mask. The. Nicest. Smelling. Face. Mask. Ever. Again, this is soothing and great before bed. I imagine it also being good in the morning when you want your matte make up to last all day but you’re prone to gettin’ a lil bit shiny. If you do have combination to oily skin then this is marvellous for cleaning out the t-zone. One thing I would recommend is moisturizing after you’ve used the mask. I loved using this to mattify my skin and get rid of excess oil, then using a night cream to restore all the good moisture.  Mmm.

Purchase Rosy Cheeks here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lil Lush loving & if you missed my last beauty post, click here. Next up on the skin care front, I’ll be sharing the love for my favourite The Body Shop products. x

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