Things I learnt at Drama School. Part 2.

I’m back with Part 2 of Things I Learnt At Drama School. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

Part Two, in no particular order:

11.Get used to weekly, sometimes daily epiphanies. The amount of times I was lying in the bath and suddenly shot up with something along the lines of “OMG THAT’S WHY THAT HAPPENS OMG NO WAY I NEED TO TELL MY MUM EXCept that she’ll have no idea what I’m on about cause who really knows why I couldn’t connect to breath through my spine last Wednesday but found it so easy today”.

12.  You quickly learn not to care what you look like. One moment you’re letting your rolls hang out as a bit of banana slips from your mouth in Animal Studies and the next moment your actual boob comes out in an assessment.

13.Research is invaluable. Regardless of what it is. We all have those things that we are really interested in and research said interest for fun. Some people are obsessed with nature documentaries, some are obsessed with the Law of Attraction, some are obsessed with those BBC documentaries about the history of Mr Kipling or Drumstick lollies (shhh… it’s interesting!)… Whatever it is, it’s bizarre how often you’ll need that knowledge for a character.

14. Never underestimate the power of a good vocal and physical warm up. You’ll be gliding through your performance… But really… Release that tension, recharge your focus and go radiate, baby (I think I just made that up. I mean I probs didn’t but it’s so cheesy and I love it and I am so cringe).

15.Sports leggings are everything  and you’ll find it hard to step out of your blacks and inject some colour into you wardrobe. When you get to third year and you can wear your own clothes to rehearsals, slowly letting go of your blacks is like a relationship break up that’s sorta “I know it’s sad but it really is for the best and I hope we can be friends”.

16.Too many conversations will be spent on peoples bowel movements. No one knows why but it’s just a thing.

17. Time Management. I thought I was an organised person before drama school. As it turns out, if you can handle second year of drama school, being in a show in the evening AND having two jobs – you can time manage anything. There really is so much to do, so little time. Anytime I think “Ugh, I’ve got a lot to do tonight” I take myself back to that time in second year and remind myself that I really do have enough time and that it’s all possible.

18.Being supportive, no matter what has happened. It’s something I learnt as a child but it was heavily reiterated during gtraining. Bite your tongue and be there for people. We all need support but a lot of us don’t like asking for it (I’m deffo one of those).

19.It’s a good trait to be happy for people. It’s such a lovely feeling to share the joy and excitement of someone else’s success. It just creates such a positive vibe which is always going to be infectious. It’s one of the best feelings EVER to see your peers doing well & working hard. However (I’m gon get a lil controversial here, h8 me), if you feel like someone is bragging (mindlessly or not) then it’s okay to not feel quite the same joy and excitement. It doesn’t make you a bitter person either.

20.Meet your new best friends – a hot water bottle and green tea with honey, lemon & ginger.

I could go on & I may end up whacking out a Part 3 at some point… Thank you for reading.

Eleanor. x

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