The Perfect Pixi Dupe

Today’s post is a skin care one and seeing as we’re still in the shadow of winter and all it’s greyness; I’d thought I’d write about the perfect Pixi Glow Tonic dupe.

I’ve been using Pixi’s Glow Tonic for about 18 months and is something I swear by and tell everyone about. I have combination skin and this stuff is perfect for stripping away excess dirt and oil, giving me a glow without drying out my skin. Pixi Glow Tonic is nothing new and pretty much everyone into skin care/beauty knows about it but I’m here to stick my ten pence in because it really is SO, SO MARVELOUS.

Pixi Glow tonic contains Glycolic which treats fine lines, acne, blackheads, dullness, oiliness & uneven texture. It helps to wipe away dead skin cells (and excess make up!). There’s also ginseng which improves the health of the skin, anti-aging, tones and brightens. Aloe Vera is another fabby ingredient which is an anti-inflammatory, heals wounds and is great for acne, eczema etc.

The glow tonic comes in a 250ml for £18 and a smaller version of 100ml for a tenner.  You can get the glow tonic here or via Cult, Look Fantastic, Asos and in store at M&S.

Now let’s talk about the dupe which you can get in most Superdrug stores or here.

This £5.99 dupe smells absolutely lovely and works really well. If you’re considering buying the Pixi Glow Tonic but aren’t sure whether it’ll work for you and your skin then this is the perfect dupe to try out. It’s normally included in an offer as Superdrug are fabbbbbb with their offer so it’s worth checking!

It’s also worth mentioning the facial oil which is from the same range. I love a facial oil every now and then and this one does not disappoint! Prior to this, I was using one from Boots (which was on offer for like £1.50?!?!) and it was AmAzInG! It was so good that I was using it every day (sometimes twice). I searched high and low (from the North West, to the Midlands…) but it seemed to not be in stock ANYWHERE. Anyway, long story short, that oil had been discontinued. As it was so cheap in the first place, I was reluctant to spend a lot on a facial oil so was chuffed when Superdrug brought out the Naturally Radiant range and there was an oil in it. Said oil, along with the toner make a lovely combination. Using the toner first and then the oil and you’ll be GLOWIN’! ***I can’t see the oil online so check in store, sozzz***

I LOVE products that give you a glow so would love to hear some recommendations! Now go forth and shine.

Eleanor xxx

1 thought on “The Perfect Pixi Dupe

  1. Never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing!


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