The Gratitude Journal

Howdy, today’s post is just a quick-y but something I want to share! For anyone who, like me, considers themselves a  Winter hater, Srping-Summer-Autumn appreciator then I’d like to introduce you to this lil cutie below.

I picked up this gratitude journal in Waterstones (after months of contemplation) but you can also buy it here. 

It’s by the brand Knock Knock and they do all kinds of clever gifts.

I’m forever seeking the positives in everything and am good at not sinking into an easy “woe is me” route in the Winter but I just.can’t.stand this season. And that’s okay. I used to feel guilty for not liking winter until this year when I realized how ridiculous that guilt was. I’ve mentioned briefly on here before about sometimes getting S.A.D during the colder months and it suuuuckkss but I have found this little journal to really help.


Gratitude is one of my favorite things to practice and I’m seeing a lot more of it now online and in the real world and IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO SEE.


With this journal, you simply write down what you are grateful for in that day. There’s also a little grateful-o-meter and a lovely quote (who doesn’t love a quote) to add to the grateful-ness. I think this will also make a really good gift, especially as we’re soon to be heading into Spring (hooray).

So what are you grateful for today?

Eleanor xxx

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