My Spring Playlist.

Anyone else listen do different genres of music, dependent on the time of year? I can’t be the only one. In the Winter, I’m all about nu-metal and not much else. In the Summer, my life revolves around Britpop… And in the Spring? Well it’s a mish mash of a lot of things with one recurring theme: happiness. I’m not saying all of the songs are about happiness but these songs make me feel happy and excited.

I love reading peoples posts about what music they’re in to at the moment as it gives me inspiration to seek out new artists as well as reminding me of old faves. It may still be February but I see a light at the end of the tunnel (March is SO CLOSE) and here’s what’s currently giving me a spring in my step.


1) FrootMarina & The Diamonds

The tastiest of lyrics

2) You And Me SongThe Wannadies

One of the happiest songs EVERRRR

3) BootyliciousDestiny’s Child

Yasssss fellow Queens get yer cellulite out and shake it with me

4) WhateverOasis

“I’m freeeeee to be whatever IIIIIiiiiii” Free from Winter, free from S.A.D…

5) Aint No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross

Sunshine and motivation in a song

6) Always Where I Need To BeThe Kooks


7)  I Can See Clearly NowJonny Nash

What beautiful lyrics this song has… 

8)  Hilary DuffWhy Not

Why not take a Cr4Zy chance?!!!?

9)  Lights Out, Worlds Gone Bombay Bicycle Club

I feel like I’m floating when I listen to this song…

10)  My Silver LiningFirst Aid Kit

This song makes me wanna wear a floaty, floral dress and paddle in a stream

11) Put Your Records OnCorrine Bailey Rae

This song makes me wanna ride my bike with the sun on my skin and the gentle breeze in my hair, like I’m in the music video…

12)  IronicAlanis Morrisette

This one is for when it’s raining outside but you spent ages straightening your hair and you were planning on wearing loafers…

13) I’m Like A BirdNelly Furtado

Absolute banger

14) Girls And Boys In LoveThe Rumble Strips

Try and listen to this song without your head bopping from side to side.

15) You Give Me SomethingJames Morrison

If Galaxy chocolate had a voice it would sound like James Morrison (imo)

16) EverywhereFleetwood Mac

This song is for when it’s getting into late Spring and that Summer feeling starts to drip into your soul and you feel ALIVEEE.

17) FascinationAlphabeat

You forgot about this absolute banger. You’re welcome.

18) Build Me up ButtercupThe Foundations

You know it’s Spring when lil Buttercups start sprouting everywhere. Aww yay.

19) The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

It can’t be a playlist without some of The Cure…

20) Foals – My Number

This is deffo one of those songs that you listen to in Spring that makes you wanna be poolside in Greece, drinking cheap Mythos and eating Gyros…

21) Nina Nesbit – Somebody Special

Mega babe. Gorgeous voice and I am in love with her new music. SO easy to listen to and perfect commuting tunes.

22) OutKast – Hey Ya

Another absolute banger.

23) Rae Morris – Do It

Another mega babe with a gorgeous voice and this song is delicious.

24) Kings of Leon – The Bucket

The little “Woo!” at the start of this song is me when I wake up in the morning and it’s light outside.

25) Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench

The song you wanna play when you’re driving down a country lane and it’s HOT ENOUGH TO WIND DOWN YER CAR WINDOW UGHH YESSS 

26) Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Just a sexy song really innit

27) Selena Gomez – Bad Liar

SloGo <3333333

28) Nine In The Afternoon – Panic! At The Disco

I am SO gonna do a post about the absolute tunes that we all forget about because this came up on Spotify a while back and it remembering how much my family and I love this song.

29) Blur – Parklife

The music video to this reminds me of Spring for some reason…. PARKLIFE

30) Charli XCX –  SuperLove

One of my fave music videos and fave pop hits and makes me wanna wear pink and red and feel prettyyyyyyy…..

 I could go on forever with songs that make me feel like I’m a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon. It’s a varied mix of songs and I love hearing the songs that make other people excited for Spring.

Eleanor xxx

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