See you later, Wigan.

Oh em geee! We’re finally moving outta Wigs!

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Alex and I are currently in the process of packing up our stuff and waving goodbye to Wigan. Finally, the time has come to leave and I could not be more excited! We are moving in to his parent’s house for a while as we set up our business (which we can’t wait to document and share with everyone) and I can’t wait. Whist I am over the moon to be leaving Wigan, I will definitely miss our little apartment. It was mine and Alex’s first home together and it’s been a lil dream (cringe soz). Our Landlord is also the nicest Landlord I’ve ever had so I’m forever grateful and will look back on our first home with so many happy memories*.

*Minus the constant use of scented candles, incense sticks, room spray , fabric spray and air freshener to mask the odors of ya boyfs 4 egg omelette cause he’s a body builder and eats 721979 meals a day

One of the main topics of conversations we had during our final year at drama school was “how can we make money in between acting jobs and actually be happy?” and Alex came up with a great idea – a mobile bar. The main reason for creating this business is for the purpose of earning a living in between acting jobs where we are the boss and we can chose when we work. I have to give Alex all the credit here as he is the man behind the business. He used his savings to buy the vintage horse trailer (which btw took us ages to find the perfect one!), primer, paint etc which means we are one little step closer! There is so, so much left to do and it’s gong to be pretty costly in the beginning but we are more than determined and have the support from friends and family which means so much. Sacrificing little luxuries in the mean time is a small price to pay and we are more than lucky to be able to do this in the first place. Having Alex’s amazing parents let us live with them will mean that we can get the business and trailer set up so much more quicker. Big love to our Jackie & Ian <33

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Whilst I will not miss this town and the grey-ness, I’m really going to miss my friends here in Wigan… Not seeing them as often will suck BUT I’m used to my friends being dotted all over which makes meet ups less frequent but more meaningful. It means every time I happen to be in a certain area I can think “Oh! I can meet up with —–“. The long distance friend thing is actually something I would love to write about at some point.

Acting still comes first and is what we would drop anything for. Acting is what we’re trained in and is the thing our lives revolve around. It’s what makes it worth getting out of bed each day but we all know that having other things on the side to support yourself financially is crucial. Hence the making of The Jazzy Tipple

It’s all come about pretty quickly but that makes it all the more exciting. Happiness is so important and we are lucky enough to have the support to start our business which means a great deal.  Whilst we owe so much to Wigan, if we are completely honest it makes us miserable and the grey skies are taking it’s toll. Now let this little corner of our lives commence…


Eleanor xxx

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