A Weekend in Newcastle. A Photo Diary.

I was sat thinking “What new content can I create?”.   I want to write about things that I’d personally like to read and I loooove reading travel related content. I’m not exploring the world (yet…) but I do love doing things and going places. So here we are!

Last weekend, I was in Newcastle for a friends Birthday and I thought I’d share what we got up to and where I recommend going.


unnamed (77).jpg



We began the day at Spoons (obviously..) before getting the 12.28pm train to Newcastle with some of the others. Alex and I indulged in some G&T (I’m a Gin lover now, thanks to The Jazzy Tipple) and bloody loved it.

unnamed (78)
What a cutie

We then all met up at The Quayside Wetherspoons  and it is such a cosy pub! We found a corner and stayed there for a few hours and it was, as I said, so cosy!

unnamed (79).jpg


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unnamed (80).jpg


We moved on to Colonel Porters & I think I fell a little bit in love with the place. There is a 1920s theme to it so of course, I fell right at home. The atmosphere is kind of vintage Britain if that makes any sense?? And the staff are super friendly and great to chat to. The glasswear, the interiors… everything about this venue is somewhere you don’t just wanna nip in for a quick drink.

unnamed (68)unnamed-95.jpgunnamed (96)unnamed-97.jpgunnamed (98)unnamed (99)wf13

We ate at No 28 at the start of the evening and again, the staff were super friendly. We had the upstairs section to ourselves & the food was deeeeelish (admittedly , most of us probably could’ve eaten another burger though…). 

unnamed (100)wf2

❤ Mmm coffeee



You’ve gotta get your caffeine in if you’re on a 13 hour day sesh. Duh… (This Cappuccino was lovely btw)


Those Beef dripping fries were cracking. Thanks Bae for letting me take a piccy of yer grub.

Right next to No 28 is a brilliant little venue called Billy Bootleggers which is a very s m a l l underground venue but with a warm atmosphere. They had live music and we had a boogie and a super refreshing gin & ginger beer.


We spent most of the evening in Bierkeller and I danced me 10 denier tights off. I also may have been summoned up on stage playing various instruments… Everyone here was in such an infectious mood and it was FABULOUS. Also I’m always going to be a fan of somewhere that plays music from pretty much every decade. Drinking beer and gettin’ my 60s on was a weekend highlight for sure.


Flares is where we ended the evening/started the next day. It reminded me so much of Wigan. Dancing to Spice Girls was great but there were definitely some strange folk in there…




Breakfast at Cote was exactly what we needed the next morning. Luckily for us, the sun was shining too so it was a beautiful day (albeit slightly fragile). We all had the breakfast deal which included any cooked breakfast, any coffee and either fresh orange or apple juice. Everything on the menu was well priced and the food was heavenly. They have Cote restaurants all over the UK so I can’t believe this was my first time visiting this little French gem! Even the bread was heavenly & I honestly can’t stop thinking about how tasty the mushrooms were…(I’m such a saddo).

Before we headed home, we took a visit to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. There’s something so calming about going to an art gallery on a Sunday. I don’t know what is is but if I had to pick a day of the week to visit a gallery or museum, it would always be a Sunday. They had some really good exhibitions on and a cracking gift shop full of quirky gift. Not to mention a bunch of Frida Kahlo merch & pocket feminism books which I was all over!





Dress from Missguided – Baker Boy from Topshop – Dungarees from Topshop – Mickey Mouse Stripe Tee from Primark – Denim Jacket (similar) from New Look/ASOS – Brogues from ASOS

Huge love to everyone who made the weekend fabby. I’m full of gratitude! Alex and I are heading back there in a few weeks for a Wine Tasting evening for The Jazzy Tipple & I’m already so excited!

Eleanor xxx

2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Newcastle. A Photo Diary.

  1. I love this! Thank you for being such a huge part of a great weekend. I love your gallery x


    1. Thank you so much for having meeeeeeeeee ❤ ❤ ❤


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