Little Lush Review


For the past few weeks I’ve been using the Don’t Look At Me fresh face mask on my skin & here’s exactly what I thought of it…


For starters, it smells a m a Z I N G. There’s lemon juice in there to tone the skin so it smells super fresh and fruity. The gorgeous bright blue colour reminds me of crystal blue seas (and slush puppies…) so without even using it, it already adheres to the senses!

Slap some on, leave for 15 mins, wash off and away you go!

What I love about this mask is that it is so easy to wash off. I love mud-based masks but when they dry on the skin, it takes so long to wash off & this can sometimes aggravate the skin. This is such a gentle exfoliating mask and it comes off nice and quickly.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever used a face mask that’s left my skin just quite as soft as this one does. You know when you get your hair cut and you can’t stop touching the ends of your hair? I have the same thing here with this mask! (I’m even stroking my cheeks as I write this cause they’re so soft hehehehe)

If your skin is hormonal and a bit where-the-eff-is-Spring dull then this mask will be right up your alley! I reckon I’ll be grabbing another one of these beauties when I run out of this one because I can’t fault it.

IMG_0101 (2).JPG

Common knowledge but if you bring back 5 clean tubs (apparently some people leave mouldy masks in there…Gross) then you can up pick a free mask! YIPPEEE.

If you missed my last Lush post, click here.

Eleanor xxx

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