My Current Facial Sprays

Is it just me or are we being inundated with all kinds of facial mists? I for one am not complaining…

I remember being in Year 7 and we were all obsessed with the FCUK refreshing spray that was sold in Boots. Since then, face mists didn’t really make their way back into my beauty regime until late last year. Now, I cannot get enough of them. Here’s a round up of what I’m currently spritzing on me noggin…


Rimmel’s #Insta FIX & GO is a spray that if I was making my decision on packaging alone, I wouldn’t go for it (shallow, I know). However I am on my second bottle of this and I love it. It lasts for ages (something we all know I tend to go for with products) even though I use it quite liberally everyday. The pump itself ensures an even spray so that you’re not left with it drooping on one area of your face and it dries pretty quickly. It suits my skin perfectly so I would say it’s more suited for dry/combination skin as oppose to oily. I spray it on my face as a primer, on my beauty blenders and then use it as a setting spray. It works beautifully as a multi-functional product and I’ll be sure to pick it up again.

You can buy it in drug stores or here

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Energising Face Mist is something I’ve talked about recently & I’ve even got my boyfriend asking to use it in the morning as it really is a bottle of sunshine. It’s one of those products that has me questioning what on earth I did before I started using it. It gives you that post-gym glow without having to work out so what’s not to love?! This is great to use before primer and throughout the day.

You can buy it in store (think it’s sold out online!)

Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater is an absolute winner in the evening after I’ve taken my make up off. It’s calming and smells so beautifully fresh. If my skin feels congested and I don’t want to put any oil/moisturizer on before bed then I’ll reach for this. I can’t fault this brand and if you missed it, I wrote about my fave products in this post.

You can buy it here

Pixi’s Make Up Fixing Mist is the latest addition to the mix. I haven’t been using it for very long but it’s great for days when you’re on the go from morning, noon to night and touching up make up isn’t high on your list of priorities. I lurrrve Pixi and am super keen to try more of their products (the packaging alone sells it to me…). This product is infused with rose water and green tea so whilst your make up is set, your skin is still retaining moisture and not drying out. I LOVE this because some setting sprays leave you with that dry/hairspray feeling. The only issue I have is with the pump… You sometimes end up with a pumps worth dripping off your face.

You can buy it here


I’d love to know if there are any other face sprays/mists that you guys are loving!!!

Eleanor xxx

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