Things I’ve learnt since Graduating. Part One.

I  can’t quite believe it’s been almost a year since Decades at Hope Mill Theatre – my final drama school show… Having said that, I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve learnt since graduating. I’ve done my Parts 1 & 2 of some of what drama school has taught me & they’re all life long lessons – but what I have learnt in the short time since leaving is still incredibly important.IMG-0515

1)  Adult life sucks. You think you’ve paid off all your bills and then the council tax send you a letter saying you owe them for 4 months? No. Not today. Bye.

2) Not all that you do has to be career related. You spent a long time studying in something that your life revolves around but it’s okay to spend time after graduating in other areas of your life. Your personal goals are just as important as your career goals. It’s okay to put them first if you need to. Re charging your batteries in anyway you need to is essential.

3) You can still renew your student card. Hehe.

4) You aren’t supposed to have your life planned out – you’re on your own path. I hate seeing friends frustrated because they aren’t where they want to be right now. You do you. Set yourself goals but don’t pressure yourself to the point where it gets you down. IT’S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT GUYS!!!!!!!

5) I am a child. All I want to do is paint all day and roll around on the floor exclaiming “IS THIS A DAGGER WHICH I SEE BEFORE ME”. I love nothing more than playing and people watching, deciding which Laban effort they are. Sure, I want those “adult” things one day but right now I’m content with pretending exercise balls are huge basket balls, causing havoc in the gym studio. Or reading a Moliere when I should be cleaning the bathroom. Or talking to strangers in a Dublin accent “cause it’s amusing”.. U feel me?

6) There aren’t enough flexible & reliable jobs for actors(Please pay me to play with your dog). Juggling & swapping shifts around a 15 minute audition can be a nightmare (but it’s SO worth it.)

7) Explaining “what you do” can take 5 minutes. Rather than a more normal “I work in HR” it’s “I’m an actor but I also run a mobile bar & a blog but I also do this in between those things but I also do this here and that there and I wish I had 34567890 dogs..”

8) Friendships increase in valueNot seeing your besties all day everyday is hard so you end up appreciating them more.

9) The fuzzy feeling you get when people succeed gets even betterI can’t explain the feeling but it’s a bit like a sunshine in your tummy. Eeeeeeee.

10) There is no better theatre scene then that of the North West. I mean, I deffo knew this whilst training but it just gets better. A sea of welcoming, like-minded grafters where there’s always so much going on & so many opportunities? YES PER-LEASE!

Untitled drawing.png

Eleanor xxx

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