It’s a Lush Life…

I’ve got some goodies that I’ve been testing out for ya. All these items, I’ve never tried before so am pretty darn excited.


First up is The Olive Branch shower gel.

I did it, I’m ashamed & I am sorry. I did judge this one on its name. However, I was taken aback when I realised how beaUtiful it smells! It’s cirtus-y yet warm and boyyyy is the formula rich! It leaves skin feeling really soft which is down to the fair trade olive oil & it leaves you smelling delightful which is down to all the fruit oils. It’s also good for shaving legs which is always a bonus….


Get The Olive Branch here

Secondly, we have Whoosh shower jelly.

Even if I didn’t like it, I’d just enjoy playing with it – kinda like a few of the Love Island contestants do with people’s feelings… Jelly bombs, jelly face masks, jelly shower gels – Lush know how to switch up our bath routine & give us some fun. Whoosh shower jelly is bursting with fruits that really wake you up. The grapefruit cleanses while the lime refreshes & the honey water will retain & restore moisture. Simply lather it up in the shower/bath & away you go.

TIP: Leave it in the fridge/freezer or somewhere cool as this scorching weather likes to melt errrrythang.


Get Whoosh here

One I’ve wanted to try for ages now is Black Stockings body tint.

‘Cause I’m a thesp kid, I wanted to try this cause the name reminded me of one of my fave plays. Lol. But srsly, this stuff is wonderful. It’s a bronzing body tint that leaves you with a stunning summer glow that lasts all day & until you wash it off! I’d been using the tester in store & couldn’t stop looking at how early-2000s-r&b-music-video-glow my skin looked so I thought it’d HAVE to be a Birthday treat.  The cinnamon is spicy & stimulating & the orange oil is refreshing & uplifting. It’s best on tanned to darker skin tones but if you just want more of a shimmer, Shimmy Shimmy is the one. Just take the bar, slide it across the skin or build it up for a deeper tan. They’re both vegan too – woo!

TIP: Again, you MUST leave this in a cool/dry place as it’s a naked product, (the ingredients contain fair trade organic cocoa butter & fair trade shea butter) they will melt.


Get Black Stockings here

The BEST moisturizer in all the land, Gorgeous.

I was given a sample of this as I wanted to see what the fuss was about. It’s the most expensive of the moisturizers in Lush but people really rave about it.

I can now see why people rave about it … Oh my life it is the BEST moisturizer I have EVER used (I say this like I’m 74…). I have only worn make up 2/3 times in the past couple of weeks because I’m loving how good my skin is looking. With Gorgeous, I don’t mind not wearing make up scratch that, I don’t WANT to wear make up because this product makes me feel really confident so it’s a big 10/10 from me. You really only need a small amount to cover the face & you feel like you’ve just had a facial.

I feel a good way to describe this product better is by the list of ingredients…


Get Gorgeous here

& finally we have Ro’s Argan body conditioner.

Ahhh the smell of Ro’s Argan. The smell alone is enough to make you want this beauty. It’s a very luxurious product . A little goes a long way with this (as with all products I use cause ya gotta get ya money’s worth) but take as much as you desire, sweep it over your skin, wash off and gently pat dry. Rose, Argan, Goji Berry, Brazil Nut … such rich ingredients to leave your skin feeling & looking d i v i n e. I put some on at 9am and it’s now nearly 6pm and my legs still feel sooo goooooooddd!

TIP: If you want a real intense & rich moisture, then sweep some of this on AFTER the shower/bath


Get Ro’s Argan here

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Whilst you’re here, I want to say a warm & fuzzy thank you for your messages about my posts cause it’s kind & I appreciate it 😀 😀 😀 It’s a creative outlet for me & knowing anyone at all enjoys it is absolutely cracking. I’ll be back next week with my Birthday post eeeek!!! (So.Not.Ready to turn 24)

Eleanor xxx

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