Turning 24

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I’ve met a lot of new people these past couple of months & among the generic chit chats, age inevitably crops up at some point. Every.Single.One has asked if I’m 18 yet or that I am 18/19. I’m now at the stage where I feel flattered when people guess my age & it’s younger than the truth(!!!). Did anyone else get annoyed on their 18th Birthday when they didn’t get I.D’d? Yup. Me too. I used to laugh when my parents got I.D’d, mainly cause my mum is 4″11 so looks like a child from behind . A few years ago my dad & sister went to the cinema & HE got I’D’d! I guess it’s every actors dream to look younger, right? … Age is a funny old thing.

After a hot & sticky train journey on Friday night, I FINALLY arrived in Sheffield at 11.30pm-ish & took a taxi to my sister’s new house (which is super cute) & attempted grab some sleep (in total I got a good 5 minutes)

The best part of the weekend was the ALE TRAIL which began the following morning. A trail of ale – what could be better?! You buy your ticket at the station and work your way through all of the beautiful villages between Sheffield & Manchester. Those of you who know the train journey will know how stunning it is & drinking pints, in the sun, in these places was gorgeous. Even better when there’s an England match in the middle of the day & we win. If it sounds like your cup of tea/beer then click here for more info. I’m already dead excited to plan the next one! I definitely recommend this as a day out – whether you’re in a small or large group.

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MY BIRTHDAY on Sunday was beaUUUUtiful. The whole weekend was so sunny & warm & glorious. I’m definitely a Summer baby. I got to be with my sisters, mum, dad & boyfriend all at once. That last happened at Christmas & it wasn’t for long enough! (I also squeezed in a catch up with my friend Emily which was sooo gooood) I always say it’s fab (& it really is fab) to have half of my family in Sheffield & the rest in Stratford but nothing beats all being together. I feel very fortunate.



Here’s to being 24 (eeek)…

Eleanor xxx

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