Snip, Snip Bish

So it’s been a little over a year since I chopped off my locks and got myself a flapper girl bob so I thought I’d share a bit about the pros, cons and any tips in case anyone is in two minds about opting for shorter hair.


We’re seeing more & more people swapping long hair for a shorter cut lately and I have to say, I’m a sucker for a “hair transformation” post.

Opting for a flapper style bob was one of the best decisions I made. Alex & my sisters were telling me to do it for aaaages and I don’t know why it took me so long to do it! I’ve only had long hair a couple of times in my life because A) I get bored with my hair, B) I just have too much of a Boo-from-Monsters Inc face to pull  it off and C) It’s just too thick. So going back to my Dora The Explorer days seemed like a wise choice.

I went over to Newcastle a few weeks ago & paid a visit to the Toni & Guy there & I am so glad I did because I never fail to get the best cuts at one of their salons (I mean, I’ve been to Toni & Guys in Birmingham, Wigan, Manchester, Newcastle etc & am always sooo impressed with the time taken to make sure I’ve got a proper good cut).  D e f f o worth the money.



The Pros

I save money on shampoo, conditioner, heat protector spray etc… 

In the Summer and when exercising, short hair is a savior as it doesn’t get in the way and make your back all clammy. Yum.


No one will ever ask you for a hair bobble. Hair grips, pens, chewing gum and bobbles. Those things you lend and never see again…

It dries so much quicker.

I had a reasonably legit excuse to get new clothes. A pro and a con because half of my wardrobe didn’t really suit my new hair… It is a lot of fun though, especially as I lurrve a good ebay/charity shop binge.

The ends always have that just-been-cut feeling.

The Cons

My hair not only grows ridiculously fast (bittersweet, I know) but it’s also incredibly thick… I am incredibly grateful for having thick hair, don’t get me wrong but it is a lot to manage. Think Monica in Friends, that is genuinely how big it is when brushed… (Actually, the megababe who cut my hair last time actually gave me a bit of an undercut to help take some of the weight out (!!!). You can’t see it & it really helps if you tend to don a bush.)

I have to get my hair cut way more often than before. If I had it my way, I would get it cut every 3-4 weeks but that’d be far too costly. I go every 7/8 weeks or so now.

If I want to properly style my hair, it takes just as much effort as if I still had long hair. Admittedly, it takes less time but it is a bit of a pain to reach and straighten short sections of hair.

My personal style changed a tiny bit and I found that some of my wardrobe just didn’t suit my new hair. This did take some getting used to as so many outfits I loved just made me feel  frumpy & not-so-me. It’s mad how you can hide behind long hair. Now it may sound ridiculous but I could get away with half of my wardrobe because I had long hair which only makes sense if you’ve gone through the same thing. It’s hard to explain but, yeah… (Am I rambling? I’m rambling…)


This is so obvious/patronizing but when you first wash your hair after getting it cut, make sure you use a considerably less amount of shampoo!!!!! This is something that took me months to get right. It goes without saying but the shorter the hair, the less shampoo you need. DUH. The same goes with conditioner. I was using conditioner as often as I did with my long hair which I found to be unnecessary. It just made my hair greasy! Noice…

If you’ve got a fringe like mine, dry it straight away after you’ve washed your hair otherwise it’ll look limp and be harder to style (Unless you’re blessed with a fringe that dries naturally beautiful. If so, yass bebe u shake da frange).

If you’re keen on going a lot shorter but are pretty attached to your long hair then just do it in stages. From what I’ve seen, this works for a lot of people.

Invest in some hair moose and wave spray. When my hair begins to grow out and it’s more effort to keep pristine and slick (lol who am I kidding, is it ever slick?!), I tend do let it dry naturally and give it a break from straighteners and curing wands by enhancing the natural waves. Remember in the early 2000s when moosing wet hair and scrunching it to make it curly was HUGE? Well I do that now cause I love the nostalgia. Wave spray is also great for adding texture and it usually smells like the sea so that’s a bonus. I’m currently using Umberto Giannini’s Catch A Wave Coconut Oil Beach Texture Spray.



I’ll be writing about my short hair care faves soon so if you liked this, stay tuned!

Eleanor xxx

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