Things I’ve learnt since graduating. Part 2.

Firstly, forgive me. I know it’s been o v e r a m o n t h since I posted … However I’m back with Part 2 of things I’ve learn’t since graduating from drama school. If you missed Part 1, you can check it out here. I also want to say a big thank you for your lovely comments about the previous post. Ya’ll make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside!

1) I wish I was taught more about self-assessment etc. I was only told the other day that my tax return is for my both self-employed & paye work. So confusingggggg. i JUSS WAN MY MONS SO I CAN BUY LILAC CONVERSE FGS

2) You’ll may often ask yourself, “What do ‘normal’ people spend their money on?”. If we didn’t have to fork out so often for trains etc & for showreels, headshots, Spotlight, Equity etc etc etc… In fact I’m not even going to attempt to finish that sentence…

3) Self-Doubt is a waste of time. Having nothing but self-belief can be really hard but the opposite is a deep, dark hole. There’s a reason you’re chasing your dream. And the operative word here is “chase” … You’re not there yet. SO. KEEP. CHASING!

4) Stop caring what people think – that’s also a waste of time. This follows on from No. 3; ‘people’ aren’t YOU and YOU are the most important.

5) Give time to those genuinely interested in what you do. I feel so lucky to have people around me who are genuinely interested in what I’m doing or plan to do. Whether that’s colleagues or friends or random people I converse with while I’m waiting for that delayed train…

6) Balancing everything is exhausting but you’re not alone. I mean sure, balancing two part time jobs with a mobile bar and an acting career is well easy? I was so relaxed when I went 7 weeks without a day off? I didn’t have an anxiety attack at the end of it?

7) Find an in-betweeny job that you love. This is WAY easier said then done, granted… and not always possible. But if you can, do.

8) By encouraging others, you encourage yourself. Lifting others when they’re down will undoubtedly have an impact on you too.

9) Support the success of others because you never know when it’ll benefit you. That simple comment or ‘like’ or retweet might just be the reason why someone has recommended you for a job. Follow the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated.

10) I don’t think I’ll ever tire of background research. I am legit having to read my book on female education through the years for the 4th time whilst painting and drawing. Never gets old. I love being a nerd.

Untitled drawing (5)

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Things I Learnt At Drama School – Part 2

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Eleanor xxx

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