They Say It’s All In The Jeans

Jeans shopping is something so many of us dread. They’re either tight on the thighs but too loose on the waist. Or they’re tight on the waist and baggy on the bum. Or you can’t get them past your thighs in the first place… There’s a reason I only own three pairs of jeans. That was, until, these lilac babies blessed my soul…


My momma in-law got me these CUTTEEEE lilac jeans from Next for my Birthday & I am in love. IN LOVVE! Lilac is my fave colour & to find a pair of jeans that not only don the colour but actually fit properly?! Well, that’s a match made in heaven.It’s nice to step away from black/blue denim & have a different option for those “Hmm, what shall I wear?” days.  I don’t know what it is but lilac is a colour I’ve always been drawn to. I feel good when I wear it & isn’t that what fashion is all about?! Feeling good.


They’re straight leg which is a style I love & a style that is really comfortable & easy to wear. Not too I-Can’t-Eat-All-The-Carbs tight & not too Saggy-Tush loose. I’ve been teaming them with white shirts/jumpers recently but really enjoyed clashing pastel colours like yellow & blue in the summer.


They’re sold out online but below are some CUTE AF lilac beauties to help you forget the grey skies that are about to descend upon us ( bye summer :(((( )

Pretty Little Thing Lilac Trousers

Asos Retro Cord Trousers

Topshop Tapered Trousers

This post is a bit different to what I normally do (& a lot shorter). Let me know your thoughts!

Eleanor xxx

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