All those little things…

I recently finished Gail Honeyman’s ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ (for the second time…) and whilst it broke my heart; it was utterly inspiring.


I won’t give any spoilers in this post, don’t worry. But if you haven’t read it then you really ought to.

The novel really got me thinking about the little things in life. Those little rays of sunshine that I’ll never tire of & will always be grateful for. It got me really putting things into perspective.

As I’ve mentioned before, Gratitude is something that I love to practice. When I see someone truly grateful for something, they radiate like a flower in bloom!!!!

A few years ago I found a print that said                                                                              ‘There is always something to be thankful for’                                                                 and bought it for my Mum straight away. My parents have always said that phrase. Have always instilled in my sisters and I just how lucky we are. We aren’t well-off or rolling around in riches. Not at all.  But we have each other & we have life … Aint that the best gift?

There’s always more that we need. Always more that we need to do and achieve. Let’s all just take a step back and breathe for a moment…

With all that very much in the forefront of mind. I gave myself a little challenge. Write down 20 of the ‘Little Things’. 20 Little Things that will always make me happy:

The First Coffee Of The Day, A Rainbow After Rain, When I Make New Emo Friends (i c u in dat Incubus t shirt hun), Clean Bed Sheets, Drinking Enough Water, That After-Gym Feeling, My Family Group Chat, When I’m Finally Off-Book From A Script & Feel Freeee, Catch Ups With Friends/Family I Haven’t Seen In Ages, Strangers That Let You Play With Their Dogs, Clean Make Up Brushes, Binge Watching British Dramas, Spooning Alex, A Fresh Haircut, Moisturizing My Whole Body, A Cupcake With LOADS of Icing, Reading Plays And Escaping Into My Imagination, A Well Deserved Pint, The After Ive Been To The Theatre Feeling, When The Paintbrush Glides Over The Canvas…


All those little things I mentioned are things that can so easily be taken for granted or just accepted as part of the normal routine. But I look back on those (some bigger than others) and realize how lucky I am. The more I wrote, the more I realised that there are countless things that can bring on a smile.

What are some of your fave little things?

Eleanor xxx

1 thought on “All those little things…

  1. One of my fave things is seeing your wee smiley face at work ❤


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