A staycation in The Lakes … & an engagement

Last week Alex & I decided to take a trip to the Lake District as an early celebration for our 4 year anniversary but what followed was something I was not expecting!

Untitled drawing (11)

It was Monday morning & after performing in the Peak District the night before, I was enjoying a well deserved lie in before a day trip (well, what I thought was a day trip…) to The Lakes.

We headed to Hodge Close Quarry first before stopping off at a pub in Ambleside. I was still none the wiser at this point; just thought Alex really wanted some pale ale… After being made to down the last half of my pint because we were “running late for our meal!” we began the walk to Cathedral Cave where the best moment of my life thus far was about to happen (soz for the sop but you clicked on this post!) I’ll spare the details as it’s a story best told in person…

Untitled drawing (10).png
Cathedral Cave, Ambleside

When Alex pulled up in a car park, I thought he’d got himself lost on the way to where I thought we were going for lunch. Little did I know his parents had only gone and booked us a suite at the incredibly quaint & cosy Wordsworth Hotel & Spa in Grasmere (!!!!!). It was & felt magical. The room, the food…. everything was perfect & my gratitude went off the scale!

Untitled drawing (12).png
Our suite

Untitled drawing (9)
At the Wordsworth Hotel & Spa, Grasmere

Thank you so much for everyone who has sent their love, cards & champers!

Eleanor xxx


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