Thoughts & Feelings

Sometimes I feel like doing a ‘Dear Diary’ post but I don’t always know what to call them. Sometimes I just want to splutter out what I’m feeling and type away until my heart’s content so hereby we have a new segment of this ole blog full of thoughts & feelings; aptly titled Thoughts & Feelings.

I’m here, at my desk, glass of wine in hand, a few candles burning and 90210 distracting me from actually working…


The start of the year’s been pretty cool. I spent a week “working” & hanging out with family and friends in Sheffield whilst doing some medical roleplay work. You can check out that vlog here.

Last week Alex & I drove to Windermere for a little staycation. It’s becoming a little tradition – we did it for our engagement (which you can read about here!) & we did it again as a little Winter escape!  You can also watch what we got up to here.

This time last year, I was living in a place I didn’t like, in a temp job that was hell (I was at an auctioneers & they tried to make me be an auctioneer thingy at one of those big house/estate auction thingys? wtf? c u later m8) . I wrote about it here.

On Monday I recorded my first radio play & it was good to be in a studio again. We recorded Not Words, a play by an amazingly talented playwright, Louise Page. I’m gonna talk about it more in another blog post so stay tuned for that! Next week I’m filming a commercial for a company I’ve worked with a few times so that’ll be grand. It’s always a fun shoot & all the crew are lovely as well. Catering is always a dream so when they asked me back for another commercial, how could I say no?!

Yesterday, Alex left for Italy. He’s touring A Midsummer Night’s Dream all over the country for a few months & I am so, so excited for him! It’s an incredible opportunity to travel one of the most beautiful countries in the world, whilst getting paid to do so. Win, win?! I’m going out to see him next month & it can’t come quick enough. The longest we’ve been apart is two weeks at a time so obviously I’ll miss him loads. When one of us has worked away in the past, it’s always been in the same country so we’re never too far from each other. He’s a bloody good Shakespeare actor so he’s doing what he’s supposed to! The Bard’d be proud.

One thing I really want to start doing again is to get up earlier each day.  All my life I’ve had light curtains or blinds as I’ve loved waking up when the rest of the world does. The feeling of rising as the sun does soothes my soul (we all know I’m a sun lover by now…) but we have blackout curtains at the moment & I could just sleep & sleep! I never wake later than 9.30am but I love being productive & getting up earlier than that deffo gives me a headstart. Whilst Alex is away, I’m ceasing the opportunity to really gain back those morning hours. When I have a day off & I spend it all working from home, naturally I get a lot done but I feel that I cram so much into that one day that when a last minute plan comes up, I cancel or feel stupidly guilty for accepting it and not working. If I get up earlier each day, I can get back those hours. I am a morning person through & through so why not use the time wisely? I’m talking more 5ams and less 9ams.

I’ve got my camera back (WOOHOO) & it’s a better model so I can f i n a l l y make those YouTube videos I’ve been waiting to make, take those pictures I’ve been meaning to take & it just always makes self tapes look that lil more crisp.


I feel really good at the minute. I feel more on top of things and I feel really positive and excited about the year. I don’t feel low at all either, so Mr S.A.D has deffo left me and I am so happy about that. While a month ago I was feeling so burnt out and overloaded with the juggling act that is my career, I’m now back to a place where it’s not stressing me out. It’s still winter but I can see Spring coming. It’s crazy that the time of year gets me so low and overwhelmed. Sure, balancing everything I do can get a bit hectic & a bit AAHHHHAVduwidkjsj but it’s the career I chose. I chose to be an actor & if I can’t cope with the rollercoaster that being one is, then I’d be better off finding a more stable career. The fact is that I can’t think of doing anything else. A script is my best friend & I live for it. I’d love to write about this more one day. Who’d be interested?

On another note, for the month of Feb I (along with many others!) am taking part in a challenge to raise money for The Princes Trust. The Princes Trust was a huge help when starting up The Jazzy Tipple & they do so, so much to help young people. I am to do at least 10,000 steps a day. I’m excited for the challenge – especially on days like today when I’m working from home! Click here for the JustGiving page. Even £1 would be a huge help! I’m seeing Don Broco later this week so that’ll get me steps up no doubt…


Anyway I’m off to re-read a play (for the fourth? time) that I can’t get enough of. It’s about age, time, relationships & the fact that we’re not here forever. YOLO baby.

Look after yourself, look after others & be kind.

Eleanor xxx

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