A Dress for Valentines Day.


Untitled drawing (1)

I am 100% in LOVE with this Valentines inspired dress from Oasis.

Alex & I were sat in a cafe, overlooking the women’s section in a department store and I could NOT stop staring at this dress. The colours, the shape, the fit … everything about it screamed THISISSOMEOMGIWANTITSOBAD.

Untitled drawing (3).png

If I could only wear one item of clothing/style of clothing for the rest of my life then it would without a doubt be a cute little tea dress. A summer gal through and through, I definitely feel the most myself when wearing a summer dress.

Shop the dreamy dress HERE.

That same evening, Alex picked me up from work & said “We won’t be together this year for Valentines & I know how much you loved it so…” (whips bag out) “I got you a little something as a gift” …. And low and behold, the dress was in the bag and I cried. Lol.

I’ve got dresses that I’ve had for y e a r s that I wear each year and dresses that I’ve cut into crop tops to give them a new lease of life (read more about that here.) Sometimes, it’s okay to be excited about something materialistic, right? Sure it’s only a dress but the thought behind it and the fact that I feel so good wearing it means that it’ll make me happy for years to come. I’m not feeling guilty about this item.

Untitled drawing (2).png

Wear what you feel comfortable in.

Wear what you feel good in.

You’re beautiful and you’ve gotta love yourself first, bish.

Eleanor xxx

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