The art of positivity & the curse of dwelling.

So here I am, writing this at Silly AM cause I can’t sleep. Hence, this brain dump of a blog post…


I want to have a brain dump on how dwelling on things that have happened tends to be a waste of time & that turning that energy into positivity is more efficient. “Well obviously”, you say? Sure. But we’re all guilty of dwelling…

The art of positivity can be a really hard thing to practice. Especially if you feel like things aren’t going to plan. It took me a long time to completely change my mindset but now I can’t help but to constantly strive for it …I don’t look back, I always look forward…. There is so much to be thankful for. There is so much to be grateful for.

dwell 2.JPG

We’ve all spent nights lying in bed with a scenario that happened earlier on repeat. Thoughts of “I should’ve said this!” Or “why did I do that?” keep us awake & agitated. The thing is, we did do that & we can’t go back. It’s done. Why are we dwelling on it? Learn a lesson and move on. Forget it.  Sure, think about what you might do next time… If you got into an argument, apologize. If you weren’t prepared enough for that meeting, then be more organised next time. Then you can m o v e o n. It’s done. Let that sh*t go.

I spent years thinking that self-worth was determined by class. How daft? But I wasn’t daft. That’s what I learnt. How many of you have thought “Oh, I can’t afford to do that. I’m not as good as them” before? Or “My body isn’t like that, I”m not good enough”. The thing is, you are good enough. We are all good enough.

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It’s a common thing with actors/creatives/freelancers etc – to dwell, question & then feel a bit “meh”…  Sure, friends & family might have a steady job & income but that’s their life – their job – their career etc & a stable job doesn’t always mean contentment. Remember that.

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When we dwell, it’s probably about something negative. Whenever a string of things don’t go to plan, big or small, I let it out – I’ll ring a friend & have a moan or write it in a diary… & then I’ll end with a BUT at least I’ve got this or ON THE BRIGHTSIDE, at least I’m not doing that … Thing’s could always be worse. Put things into perspective. Distract yourself. Practice mindfulness. Go for a walk. Make a cup of tea. Paint. Draw. Sing. Dance… anything that switches the negative to a positive. Even smiling helps.

& if your friend is having a crappy day, listen to them and then give them some positivity. It’s a gift that’s free!

If you’re having deep or considered thoughts about something and this doesn’t have a positive outcome then you’re probably ruminating. This can be damaging your mental health…

If ever you feel yourself dwindling into dwelling, be proactive and stop. Remind yourself that it’s a waste of time. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it. Learn, move on and apply it to the future. Y’know, ‘the past was yours but the futures mine’ and all that…


This brain dump is solely to breathe some fresh air into the souls of whoever read this. I only mean well. It might not make any sense but that’s 3AM for you. You live your life because it’s yours. You are good enough and you’re on the right track. Things don’t always happen over night – remember that.

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If you’ve enjoyed this, check out my You Do You post & a gift you should treat yourself to, The Gratitude Journal

Eleanor xxx


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