Postcards from Rome

A few years ago, for my 21st Birthday, I went to Rome. It was a week of sun,carbs, pints and 586972098 steps a day…. That’s how a City Break should be done, right?!

This time, I went to visit Alex who is on tour over there. It was perfect. Romantic, relaxing and the R&R we both needed.

Of course the sights are incredible but some of the food places you must visit are:

Ristorante Atelier Canova Tavolini for gorgeous food & incredible decor (subscribe to my YouTube channel here and keep and eye out for the vlogs!)

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy for cocktails – you need the password which you can get access to via their website.

La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro for absolutely incredibly smooooth coffee. I think there may be two of these cafes near each other (?!) we went to both and picked up some ground coffee to use in our cafetiere at home… My bag STILL smells of coffee. Mmmm…

Giolitti for the best gelato and old school style deco. Pretty reasonably priced too.

Trastavere is a cool/bohemian area in Rome. Verrrrrry ‘Gram worthy. I’d eat about 6 and avoid weekends as it is HEAVING otherwise and if you can, book.

Cafe Cafe for breakfast before you head to the Colosseum. Not the most exciting food but it is cheap, the coffee is great, the service is lovely and the toilet is worth a visit in itself…

rome 4.JPG

rome 9.JPG

rome 13.JPG

rome 2.JPG


rome 7.JPG

rome 12.JPG

rome 8.JPG

rome 5.JPG

rome 3.jpg

rome 6.JPG

rome 11.JPG

Eleanor xxx

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