Sleep tight, beautiful.

Hello everyone! I hope you are well & that you’re looking after yourself & each other!


Speaking of taking care; I’m a huge advocate for self-care & putting yourself first once in a while. With that in mind, I thought it apt for me to share some of my fave things to do when I feel I’m slacking in the me-time department.

Self-care isn’t being selfish – that’s one thing I will say. Without trying to sound patronizing, you can only truly care for others once you’ve taken care of yourself and getting a good few Zzz’s is a huuuuge part of self-care!!!

Sleep is integral for us all & if you’re getting enough sleep then it gives your body time to rest and look after itself. I don’t need much sleep but I do try and do all I can to ensure what sleep I do get, is good. I’m often away or am doing silly things like going to another city to see a band I like but then forgetting to book the next day off work so end up having to get a train at 5am to get back in time for a 9 hour shift….. SO the sleep I do get is always useful for those kinda days!

Now, I’m not a parent (although I can be Momma Els a lot of the time) so definitely have a lot more time to do these things but they may be of use to any of you mommas or poppas out there…

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A hot bath or shower 

If you follow me on Insta (if you don’t – @eleanorcora – come say hi!) then you’ll know this is one of my fave past times. Not that I film myself having a shower … that would be weird… but I know people who find bath bomb vids relaxing so whenever I have one, I’ll tend to pop it on my stories. Aaaaanyway, nothing says self care like a lavender filled bath in the evening.

My ultimate bath consists of Lush’s Milky Bath & French Kiss bubble bars with a Twilight bath bomb. This is for when I’m super stressed, super busy and am not sleeping at night as it’s an expensive bath!

Lavender Tea

This is a recent addition for me but when I was struggling with S.A.D at the end of last year I knew that a tea to aid sleep would only be a good thing. I tend to have one as I’m winding down for the day or during my last hour of work when working from home.

There are also various health benefits to lavender tea such as it’s an anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system, soothes digestive issues…

If you don’t like Lavender then chamomile tea is a good alternative, too and is amazing for anxiety.

You can pick Lavender tea up in health food stores (I like to support local ones!) but you can also grab them on ebay and amazon.

Reading before bed 

I sleep so much better when I read before I go to sleep. It helps me tire quicker & it’s so much better than scrolling through my phone, looking at holidays I can’t afford to go on. A lot of folk say “I just can’t read” or “I don’t like reading” but c’mon, unless you really can’t read or struggle to read then you just haven’t found a good enough book. There are so many positives to reading & your imagination is much more powerful & exciting than you might realize!

As well as helping you sleep, benefits also include the improvement of cognitive functions, aid depression & anxiety & improvement of empathy.

Need some inspo? Find out what I’ve read/currently am reading here.

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Lavender Pillow Spray

If I need a good nights sleep or am up early the next morning, I spritz my bedding and PJs with Twilight Body Spray from Lush. Yes, it’s not cheap but it really is worth every single penny. This is a complete staple for me & I find it harder to sleep without it! The beautiful blend of tonka, lavender and ylang ylang is divine. If you don’t believe me then check out the link here and read the reviews for yourself!

Cheaper lavender sprays are available like this one here & also this one from Boots. I’ve tried both & both do work.

Sleepy Body Lotion from Lush 

I can’t live without this stuff now! This along with Twilight body spray is a winning combo. I know both of these products aren’t super cheap but I would not be recommending them if they didn’t work. I pop some on my chest, neck, wrists and temples before I go to sleep & I drift off so much more quickly. I’ve spoken to people who use this on children with anxiety & other disorders such as ADHD & they say it really helps to calm them before bed. Click here for more reviews.  It also comes in a shower gel that I swear by, too!


Bedtime Yoga

Doing some light yoga before bed definitely helps me reduce any stress or tension I have – physically and mentally! It lowers my heart rate and makes me feel so much more relaxed and ready for bed.

There are some wonderful videos on YouTube like this one.


Yup. I get it. It’s not easy & considering you don’t do anything while meditating, it can be really hard to do! You have to commit to it to see any benefits but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. And by try it, I mean more than once!

I like do to about 15 minutes after yoga, I’ll sit on my yoga mat, turn the lights off and light some candles/incense sticks. A cheap gals spa.

There are plenty of apps & guides on YouTube. I love apps like Calm & Headspace.

Filling in my Gratitude Journal

Just writing a sentence a day about what I am grateful for means I’m drifting off to sleep on a positive note. You can read more about the journal in this post & you can buy it here. Even better, use a notebook & then you don’t have to spend!

Other things like avoiding caffeine & not eating late are ones we probably all know and it goes without saying BUT they’re true.  Sleep tight, b*tches. <333

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Eleanor xxx


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