That Spring-y Feeling

That Spring-y Feeling

 I think it’s safe to say that the sunshine and denim jacket weather is long overdue and that this constant stream of heat then snow then rain then sleat can politely, do one.



In no particular order, here are some of my fave things about Spring.

  1. Iced Coffees and Starbs’ Cool Lime Refreshas. The main reason why I love these is probably because they last me hours (genuinely). Whilst coffee is my life and the liquid of my soul, when my bev goes lukewarm then the love is lost. Whereas with my iced latte you can just pop it in the fridge! (I’m easily pleased).

  2. PICNICS! Who doesn’t love an unnecessary splurge in M&S and sitting in the park as the weather gets warmer? I can just smell the raspberries, iced latte and salt & vinegar Twizzlers. Mmm.

  3. The Clothes. I actually have been yearning for my denim jackets. Is that sad? I don’t suit layers and layers because I have huge cheeks so just end up looking like a baby. I feel like myself in cute dresses and little blouses… Boy oh boy am I excited to whip out me florals.

  4. Blossom & Flowers. Watching the blossom grow and the daffodils pop up everywhere is such a wonderful thing to see and I feel it brings people such joy and happiness.  And they make for great Insta pics.

  5. Easter. I say Easter but what I what I really mean is an over indulgence in chocolate, roast dinners and a heart warming sense of gratitude. Hehe.el8.JPG

  6. The return of the Ice Cream Van. No shame in still getting excited when I hear the van trotting down the street. I still scrap for change and exclaim “Can we? Can we?!” even though I’m 24 and am pretty sure I can go and grab a ’99 if I want one…

  7. Butterflies. Dey so pwetty. I feel like a lot of us resonate with Butterflies. We are shells of ourselves in the bleakness of Winter and then we turn into BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLIES AND FLUTTER BY ALL HAPPY.

  8. Good skin. That vitamin D does wonders. I love not wearing foundation and just being able to go out and feeling and looking ALIVE. This is probs more of a summer one but it’s still so good.

  9. Bright Nails. I’m a creature of habit and wear dark nails from Nov-Feb (with bright Red at Crimbo, duh) but as soon as March comes around I’m digging out the pastel colours and having a great old time.

  10. Longer days. Probably my most fave thing of all is the clocks going forward. Waking up to your alarm and it actually being light outside is bloody fabulous. And it still being light when you leave work is even better. Our bodies need sunlight so our energy increases and we finally feel like we have more hours in the day.



What are your fave things about Spring?

Eleanor xxx

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