Going With Your Gut


Your gut feeling is a real thing & we use it all the time, mostly without realising it… So why do we question it so much?

I mentioned in this post that where I once used to go with my gut instinct all.the.time, over the past few years I have definitely let that personality trait slide…

I want to go back to it. I want to go with my gut instinct all the time cause it has rarely let me down.

In general, I go with my gut and trust myself but there are certain areas in my life where I have put my trust in others and followed their advice so blindly that the end result was always something that I wasn’t happy with. I’m not blaming anyone else, I’m blaming myself. The thing was, I got stuck in a rut. I would ask someone for advice, follow it and then end up getting disappointed. After the disappointment, I would move on to someone else and ask for their advice and then, you guessed it, I would end up disappointed yet again.

I suppose I relied on my gut less when it came to career-related decisions. Alex & I have talked about this a lot recently. You’re told one thing by someone who appears to know the answers and so you do what they suggest because at the end of the day, you just want to work hard and build a career for yourself. We look back now and think “Why did we listen? That literally had the opposite outcome of what we were told would happen?” Again, that’s no ones fault but ours. I’ve been told to dye my hair lighter, I’ve been told what I should be tweeting,  I’ve been told to wear no make up and get my hair cut right before some headshots, I’ve been told not to play to my casting type… Some things just aren’t worth listening to when you AND your gut know what’s best.

Being naive never got me anywhere

…Don’t get me wrong, when I have no idea what to do and my gut is tangled in a stream of question marks, other people are obviously well worth listening to…. I’m grateful for that and would be no where without other people (so thank you).

And then there’s anxiety…

Ahhh, good old anxiety …

Anxiety is a block in the way of trusting yourself. It makes you doubt yourself, question yourself and then whatever choice you have to make, panic seems to be the only answer.

How can you go with your gut when your brain is telling you that the worst is going to happen? I think that’s probably something that takes a long time to master… Sometimes your thoughts are uncontrollable. Especially if you are going through something like anxiety, so always remember to cut yourself some slack. You’ll be okay.


So what steps am I putting in place?

To be frank, all I’m doing is just doing what I feel I should.

I will listen to everyone. I will take on board what people say. I will mull it over in my head or write it down or talk to myself although eventually, I will do what the ‘F’ I want to.

I might not always be right, I will undoubtedly make mistakes but they are mistakes that I have made. I can take full ownership of my decisions, whatever the outcome.

So far, going back to my gut has worked really well. For instance, I ignored all advice I have ever been given with regards to my headhots and the outcome has only been positive… I am learning to trust myself more and rely on myself even more because at the end of the day, I know what I want and if I can’t trust myself, who can I trust?!

I feel really positive at the moment, like I’m kickin’ ass (but not really kicking cause I don’t wanna hurt anyone’s tushi) despite my hormones warning me my period is due by telling me I suck… (see this tweet FYI…)




What are your thoughts? Do you go with your gut?

I hope you all are and that you’re all kickin’ some butt.

Peace, love and thank you for reading.

Eleanor xxx

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