Hormones. Periods.

It’s almost 10pm and I’ve been sat at my desk, crying for what feels like 10 years.

I’m not afraid to write on here about how I really feel, even though people read this (lol thanks), cause I don’t really care what people think (as long as I’m not hurting anyone etc). I would say on the whole that I have most of my sh*t together but occasionally, it can all get pretty overwhelming. I really don’t like it but it happens to us all. Most of the time I’m good at reminding myself that I balance a lot and I’m not Superwoman but sometimes I forget that and am too hard on myself. This only seems to happen when I’m due on my period though… So is it all just to do with hormones?

hormone 3.JPG

Back to now. It’s gone past 10pm and I have finally stopped crying. I am feeling guilty and like I’m not good enough. This I now know must be down to the fact that I am due on my period and my hormones are doing back flips off a busy spinning wheel….

My hormones make me feel overwhelmed. They make me feel like I just want to give up and run away.

hormone 4.JPG

We still don’t talk about periods enough and this is so evident in the fact that period poverty in the UK has only come to light in recent years when really it’s gone on forever. How people are only recently realizing that so many people can’t afford periods is just beyond me. It’s actually very embarrassing. 

Growing up, we were made to feel guilty or embarrassed because of our periods … we were made to feel guilty or embarrassed about any of our female health, to be honest.


I remember at school how shocked people were that I would talk about my period with my Mum. They were even more surprised when they knew I talked about it with my Dad. To me, it was always normal and I used to get so annoyed when people thought that I was the weirdo for talking about something so NORMAL with my parents.


I remember being told on a number of occasions not to talk about vaginas or periods in front of men cause it made them feel uncomfortable. Lol, we bleed each month. From our PUSSAYS. Hun, get over it.

Growing up, my Dad, the absolute ledge, would drive down to Tesco as soon as he knew we had come on our period. He’d arrive with tampons, chocolate and a “Shall I put the kettle on for a hot water bottle?”. My mum, who blessed me with periods that make me wanna gauge my eyes out, would rush to grab the Feminax, make a cuppa and stroke our tummies.



white tee from Joules (sold out online but available in store), red skirt from Primark (old, similar here), white pumps from Vans.

Some of us get them and some of us don’t. Some of us have easy, breezy (beautiful, covergurl. LOL soz but u were thinking it too) periods that last 3 days. Some of us, i.e me have 7 day, heavy, horrendous periods that never ease. The pain shocks me each month, I feel so dizzy and sick that I have curled up in a public toilet more often than I like to admit… I get so tired, I get so hungry, I get really angry but then I want to cuddle everyone and tell them they’re beautiful. I am convinced I become anemic each month LOL.

While I’m on it, can we stop shaming people for not using a mooncup or organic tampons? They’re not for everyone. A lot of people can’t afford organic pads and there’s a lot of people who find mooncups just too painful and uncomfortable. If people can, they will. Let’s educate, not make woman feel bad for finding tampons painful etc.

I suppose I just want all genders, all ages, everyone to feel completely comfortable talking about something that happens to half of us. I hope it becomes more normalized in schools, I hope period poverty can end in the UK and all over the world…

…I hope confectionery companies give us womb bearers a 50 percent discount when we’re on the blob but I fear we can’t have it all…

Anyway, I’m off to change me tampon.

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Eleanor xxx

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