Unapologetically Positive.

I’ve been pondering a lot (as I do) about life and such and have had many-a convo (as I do) about how I will never be sorry for being positive.

I can see how positivity can be frustrating sometimes because I’ve been there… When I’ve been so far into something bad happening that I just couldn’t see a way out. I thought to be positive was to be “living on another planet”. Or something “only people with easy lives pursued”. Teenage me was so wrong…

I wonder if people might think that about me sometimes… That I may have my head in the clouds. That because I don’t openly voice my stresses and worries a lot, they must not be there. Now that isn’t strictly true. I’ll be completely open here; the reason why I don’t let things drag me down is that I am so scared of it having a knock on effect to my mental health. I’ve had depression and anxiety so bad that I couldn’t leave the house and it was all due to things happening to myself and my family. I now do everything in my power to keep my mental health, healthy and if that means being unapologetically positive then so be it.

I’ve talked about it on the blog before, how it took a long time to get to this state of optimism. I won’t let anyone bring me down, I won’t let anyone’s negativity influence me and that isn’t me being selfish, it’s just me putting my mental wellbeing first. I can’t stress enough that it is okay to do that.

Don’t let anyone else’s stress become your stress. Stress manifests itself in so many ways, your mental AND physical health can become effected.

Don’t get me wrong, if someone is having a tough time or faced with a dilemma, I won’t shrug it off and force sunshine into their souls… I’ll listen, I’ll be there and I’ll offer advice. At the end of the day, all I truly want is for people to be happy. I really do mean that. I only ever want people to be okay. Though once I’ve been there as a friend, I won’t stop until you’re smiling again. That’s just the way it goes!



Carl Jung

I think it’s cause of going through actual, proper sh*t growing up and going into adulthood. I think it’s cause of having horrible episodes of bad mental health.

I just can’t help being positive.

Whenever I felt low or stressed, I reminded myself of a time when we had nothing and then I realised that I was actually doing okay. There is always something to be positive about. No matter how big or small.

The hard part of going through real bad times is that you find it a bit harder to hear a problem from someone else because you think “hun, that’s nothing…” I’ve had to teach myself that while someones problem might feel small to me, it could be huge for them. Be there for them.

And I’m not perfect at all, I will hold my hands up.

The bitterness and jealousy I once felt for people who grew up financially stable has now turned into me being happy for them. I let go of what I couldn’t change. I counted my blessings as there were way more than what I realised. I shifted my attention from what I didn’t have materialistically or financially to what I had in my heart instead. I appreciated the people in my life and their incredible personalities. I latched on and cherished them even more than I already did.

I won’t ever apologise for being happy and positive and I certainly won’t say sorry for trying to make you feel happy and positive.

The decision to turn my negative thoughts into something positive and productive has been the best thing for my health. It didn’t happen over night and it took a lot of patience but it worked.

Instead of focusing on what I don’t have or don’t like about my body etc, I only focus on what I do have and what I do love about my body etc.

Never ever be sorry for being positive and certainly never apologise for wanting people to feel the same way. If being unapologetically positive is what you need to do to keep yourself well then YOU DO YOU!

One of the biggest reasons for starting this blog in the first place was to write about general wellbeing and how I feel and what has helped me. I want the best for you and wish happiness to grace your souls.


Eleanor xxx

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