Lessons I Learnt from my Poppa

I wrote about some of the things I learnt from my Momma and it seemed only fair that I share what I learnt from my Poppa, on Father’s Day, am I right?

I am a lot like my Dad in the sense that I am a very deep thinker. I think a lot about life, morals and destiny. It’s the main reason why neither of us sleep much… There’s just so much thinking to do! With that said, here are just a snippet of some of the lessons Father Mart has taught me so far in my (almost) 25 years…


“Just be grateful” is a phrase that was used when we were really little and it is something I’ve carried with me since. Gratitude isn’t materialistic, it’s verbal and it’s from the heart. When you’re grateful, you attract more of the same. It’s always about the little things and there is always something to be grateful for. When you’re truly grateful for what you have, you attract more of the same.

Explore, Explore, Explore

Each school holiday or free weekend, my Dad would plan day trips out to beaches, museums, landmarks etc … His reason was always “Well, you can say you’ve been then” but really I think it was an excuse for him to be a kid again and explore…

There really is so much to do, when you think about it. Any excuse to go somewhere and do something and my Dad was on it. You don’t need to spend much, if anything, to have an amazing time. He wanted us to cherish each other and have as many memories as possible cause life really is too short.

I’m now the same as him… Doing stuff rather than having stuff is something I really value. And any excuse to play and be a kid again is always welcome… It’s probably a lot to do with why I’m an actor actually.

Music Always Wins

No matter how you’re feeling or what’s going on in your life, there’s a song for it. Beltin’ it out from the top of your heart (even though the cringe is real) can make you feel SOOOO GOOOOOOOD. What’s even better is seeing it live. My Dad took me to my first concert which was Busted in 2003 (zomg) and he took me to a load more after that. He drove me everywhere to meet and see bands. Then when I was old enough to skip school and go on the train, he’d still pick me up at the end of the night. He knew how much music meant to me, cause it meant a lot to him and I’m sure if he could’ve, he would’ve done the same when he was younger. Life is too short not to buy the gig ticket. Better to buy the gig ticket than an outfit you’re only gonna wear a few times. Memories, not things amirite.

Follow Your Dreams

I’m lucky enough to be following my dream and that is and has always been encouraged by everyone around me… But it’s something that my Dad has instilled in me. Life is too short not to follow your dream, if you can, so why not? A “what if?” is not something I’ve been raised on. In fact, I’m certain I remember my parents saying “We work our asses off, all day, all week to be skint so you might as well go and do something you love”.  I owe him (and the rest of my family) so, so much for this. The belief and encouragement is something I’m eternally grateful for. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t believe in myself and that’s cause he made me realize that if I really work at something, I can get it.

Ask, Believe, Receive

My Dad truly believes in EVERYTHING. Magic, angels, aliens and most importantly – The Law Of Attraction. He believes that what you dream, you really can achieve.

It’s the reason why I believe in myself and trust in myself.

What you think about you bring about so focus your energy on what makes you happy and be kind along the way.

Believing in what you want is something that keeps you going. It gets you out of bed in the morning, brings you positive energy and it fuels you in the darker times.

Work to Live, don’t Live to Work but make sure you’re always grafting

My Dad has always encouraged us to work (I had my first job in Year 10) and to make sure that we know that we’ve got to earn the things we want but he has also deeply instilled into us that you have to enjoy life.

If you’re working hard and trying your best then you’ve earnt those little luxuries that keep you going.

Sing Like No ones Listening

My Dad sings Busted in the bath like no one’s listening. He really does. From the top of his lungs. He loves it, we love it and it only brings happiness!

Be Honest and Be There

If someone asks your advice or your opinion, in the end, honesty always wins. Hiding the truth to protect someone or to avoid conflict is never sustainable. Being honest with each other and being there for each other, in the end, is all you can do for your family and friends.

thanks for reading

Eleanor xxx

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