25 Things at 25

So today marks my 25th Birthday and before my imminent quarter-life-crisis graces my soul, I thought I’d mention 25 things I’ve learnt…

bday 1

1. You Can Do Anything

Don’t doubt yourself or listen to other people’s doubts because your life is down to you.

2. Believe In Yourself

Following on from number 1, when it comes to believing in yourself, only YOU can truly do that… It isn’t down to anyone else.

3. You Don’t Owe Anyone Anything

It means your putting your choices and decisions in the hands of others. Don’t.

4. Hold On To Those That Truly Have Your Best Interest At Heart

You see some of them every day at home, you see some of them only a few times a year… They’re the ones you need.

5. Cause Not Everyone Has Your Best Interest At Heart

And that is just the way life goes, unfortunately.

6. Keep Following That Golden Rule

Keep treating others how you want to be treated.

7. Trust Your Gut

It has rarely let you down and the more you trust it, the more you trust and believe in yourself.

8. Lavender Solves What Coffee Can’t

Need to wake up? a brew. Need to concentrate? a brew.

Need to calm down? Lavender. Hormonal skin? Lavender. Need better sleep? Lavender.

9. Yoga Is So Important

It’s good for a whole buncha tings.

10. Learn To Rest

You’re getting better at allowing yourself to have a bit of rest time here and there. You know working 247 on 6789 things results in a burn out…

11. Being A Creative Is A Balancing Act, It’ll Never Be Simple So Don’t Compare It To Something Stable

I don’t need to explain this any further… It is what it is…

12. Keep Encouraging Others

There’s nothing better than seeing someone achieve something they once doubted. Sometimes all someone needs is someone to trust and someone to give them a push in the right direction… Keep being that person.


13. Make Sure Those Around You Know That They Are Loved And Are Doing Okay

A simple “How’s you?” can go a long way.

14. Humans Don’t Deserve Dogs

Omg I just can’t… They are so precious and we must do all we can for the bestest borks.

15. Put Your Mental Health First, Especially In Winter

SAD is so so horrible and you really need to take extra care in Winter. Don’t be so hard on yourself for having it, you can’t control it.

16. Crows Feet Are Inevitable, You Smile Too Much

There’s nothing you can do. All the eye creams in the world can only do so much. You just smile and laugh too much and that is just that.

17. You’ll Always Be A Goth In A Floral Dress. Always Have, Always Will.

You be lookin like a 1950s housewife down the street but inside you’re listening to death metal like the world is about to end

18. Life’s Short, Buy The Ticket

You’ve never really regretted buying a ticket… They’re the memories you often think about and the few hours of sheer joy are just immeasurable.

19. Always Know More Than You Let On

It might be a way of protecting yourself but it helps you suss out disingenuous intentions and actions. It ensures you know where you stand.

20. Don’t Become A Tory

Just don’t.

21. Keep Spreading Positivity

A grey day needs a sunshine just like a low mood needs a hug.

22. Doing Stuff Rather Than Having Stuff Brings Me Pure Happiness

Life is for livinnnnnnnnn’

23. Don’t Let Anxiety Hold You Back

For some reason you don’t get anxiety about big decisions or the future (cause you stick your two fingers up at society and what you “should do” or “should have”…) but you seem to sweat the small stuff. There’s no point worrying about what you can’t control in that second. It’s just a waste of energy and means you go through it twice.

24. Speak Up Straight Away

It’s something you’re pretty good at now and keep it up. If you’re not happy with something, say it straight away. It’s easier for everyone involved.


You say this each and every day to others but make sure you say it to yourself as well.


Eleanor xxx

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