A Kefalonian Love Affair

Earlier this Summer, Alex & I returned from a blissfully beautiful week in Kefalonia, a stunning Ionian island in Greece…

I think it was the most needed holiday of my life, despite my life currently being the “calmest” it’s ever been…

Alex and I can only really describe the week as “perfect”.

It was my 7th or 8th visit to Greece. I fell in love with the country itself when I went to Athens on a philosophy school trip back in Sixth Form. I’m obsessed with Greek philosophy, myths, theatre,art etc… It’s the birthplace of all I love and owe so much of my soul to Greece…. It’s also one of the cheapest places to holiday so need I say more?

Untitled drawing (14).png

I thought I’d share some photos along with what we got up to. I hope you enjoy this post & thanks so much as ever for reading xxx

Where we stayed

We stayed in an area called Svoronata which is super close to the airport.

It’s a stunning area (as is the whole island tbh) flourishing in natural splendor… Nature and wildlife appear to thrive here and I felt like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon…

It’s a really quiet part of the island. There are enough tavernas and a few mini markets so you’ll never be without. If you’re pre burnout or need a holiday to just get away from it all then I heavily recommend this budget friendly place. If you’re a more party-parts-of-Greece person then this probably isn’t for you.

Whilst chatting to a few fellow Brits abroad they said that some people are put off the planes flying past over the beaches which is why accommodation remains as cheap as it is today. This really didn’t bother us as we’re so laid back… If anything, it was so exciting to see and hear the planes fly over us! I had never experienced it before and it was actually one of the many highlights.

Our hotel was in a very quiet area called Ai Helis and it was basic, clean and friendly.


Where we went

On our day trip we visited some of the highlights of the island. We booked it through TUI as they were our tour operators (I always book via TUI as all flights,luggage,transfers, accom etc is included in the price and there’s always super staff and great trips to go on)

The first stop on our trip was Drogarati Cave.

Untitled drawing (18)

Apparently it was discovered around 300 years ago when a big earthquake caused the cave to collapse which revealed its entrance (we actually had a little earthquake whilst being there!). It’s a pretty cool cave that’s about 150 million years old and deffo worth a visit.

Next we headed to the Melissani Lake and Cave.

Untitled drawing (16).png

Oh my Athena, this was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my wee life!!! In Greek Mythology, it is the Cave of the Nymphs. It’s part salt water and part natural water and if you get there at the right time as the sun hits the top of the cave, you’re in for a treat. I’ll link my vlog at the bottom of the post in case you haven’t seen it!

For a coffee/ice cream break we visited Agia Effimia and I may have decided that is where I will move to when I’m 95 and can’t act anymore… It’s a traditional fishing village with a small harbour.

Untitled drawing (19)

Fiskardo was our lunch stop and it was like being on a film set… It’s a sleepy town that gets much busier at lunch time when all the boats of tourists come in. You can see the mountains of Lefkas/Lefkado whilst here which made me tear up a bit as that’s where Marina (me fave singer and absolute idol) is from!

I think my vlog captures more than the photos do but here’s a few.

Untitled drawing (15)

Untitled drawing (20)


On our way back we had a pit stop at the most famous beach of the island, Myrtos Beach.


Myrtos Beach is a stereotypical “postcard beach” as it’s apparently the most picturesque of the island. It’s over a mile long, filled with gorgeous white sand and is featured in the film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’.

Where we ate

We had two spots that we visited religiously. The first was a small restaurant called Gyro House. Gyros in pitta cost less than 2.50 and was so tasty that we often bought two each…whoops… It was also home to the best and cheapest Greek frappe we could find!

The place that blew it out the park for us was Esperides Restaraunt… It was something else. Like… wooooaaahhh. Some of the best food I had ever eaten! It’s set in an orange grove so is soooo romantic when you eat there. They use the oranges in the food and OMGGGG the orange cheesecake and warm orange sponge was to die for. I’d go back to Keffa for that place alone. Read the reviews for yourself here.

Untitled drawing (17).png

Who would I recommend this holiday to?

It’s a holiday for people who want to escape and really unwind. It’s a quiet,calm place with just enough tavernas for a different choice each night. It’s a place to relax and recharge batteries, so not for those who to go Greece for the Malia-esque holidays.

The sole reason we went was to rest and just do nothing and this holiday served that and then some.



Where’s your favourite place in Greece?



Eleanor xxx

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