Autumn Faves.

Hey yhoo guyth! How’re you doing?! I thought I’d check in this weekend with all things Autumnal. I know so many of you LOVE Autumn and to be honest, I do adore so much about this season…

 It may only be the start of Autumn and despite this weekends decent weather (well,where I am anyway…) but I know you’re all gagging to get yer knits out…

Untitled drawing (21)

Here are some of my favourite things about Autumn…

1.  PSL & Bonfire Spice Lattes.  It’s cringey but I just really love a good Pumpkin Spice Latte and Costa’s Bonfire Spice is slowly becoming my fave. I cringe at myself and how much I love them so if you’re cringing reading this, imagine being the soul of said cringe…

2. Luxurious Baths. The colder weather & shorter days are the PERFECT excuse to indulge in bath bombs & bubbles. If you’re stressed then grab a camomile or lavender tea with your evening bath (can’t beat a good Twilight bath bomb from Lush)

Read this post here for more sleep related chat.

3. Great TV. All the best Dramas come through when Autumn hits… I’m LOVING Keeping Faith, Castle Rock and Brassic at the momo… Let’s get cosy!

4. The excuse to eat more carbs and cake ;))))).  Like I need any excuse to eat more cake…

5. The return of all my Band T-Shirts. They just seem to reappear each September & stay until I can get my floral dresses back out… All black, all emo, all the time. Wear them with jeans, a (p)leather skirt, dungarees, pinafores yadadyayaydy…..

6. Getting stuck into THAT book. Cosy weather calls for finally starting that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages… Escaping into my imagination deffo helped my bout of S.A.D last year. Here’s my Goodreads so you can see what I’m reading.

7. Scented Candles.  Filling the room with gorgeous autumnal scents as you sit down with dairy-free cheesecake & a book… UGH I LUFFS IT. Primarni and TK Maxx always KILL it for budget candles.

8. Crunchy Leaves & Crisp Air. There’s something unbeatable about the nostalgia of breathing in that crisp, morning air as you feel the leaves beneath your feet. A new term at school, a new start, CONKERS…

9. Allllll the knitwear & all the snuggles. I do love chunky knits & feeling cosy. I also love how cuddly other people are in their chunky knits (group spoon, anyone?).

10. After Halloween when all the sweet treats get discounted.  Heh. Another food related one but c’mon. Gotta get that Winter roll prepped.

11. Hygge – the Danish word meaning a cosy feeling of contentment. 

Untitled drawing (22).png

So what are you fave things about Autumn?


Eleanor xxx

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