Monthly Social Media Detox

Social Media Detoxes are becoming more and more popular and I can certainly get on board as to why.

Sure, social media can be bloody brilliant. I love it for so many reasons and I have so much gratitude for the friends I’ve met, the opportunities and the creative freedom it’s given me.

But with that comes the obvious negativity. It can and has been fatal. I know, that’s pretty blunt but let’s not beat around the bush here. It allows us to be the target of trolls. It allows us to compare ourselves to the versions of people we wish we were… I can’t imagine what it is like to be a young person growing up in the world of Instagram… We’re all addicted to our phones and if you really think about it, it’s a real shame.

With all that, I have made a self-care promise to myself to take a break from social media for a couple of days a month. Whether that’s a weekend, a few days mid-week or just randomly when I feel I need a rest from it.

I did my first proper social detox over Christmas last year. I find social media over Crimbo can be a materialistic place and a hub for mindless bragging and so to put my phone away meant that I could cut out all that negativity.

It felt incredible to put my phone away for a week. I was tempted to check Twitter or Instagram but I signed myself out of the apps so I wasn’t tempted and after the first day or so, I wasn’t even bothered about social media. I barely even replied to any messages. I slept better, felt more present, enjoyed the time with my family more and realised I was completely fine without it all.

After that, I decided to only use social media for good things – like my blog, talking to friends, making work connections, keeping up with what my peers are up to and supporting them etc. Any time I felt any negativity I just put my phone away and avoided social media until I needed it (i.e someone had messaged or I wanted to update people on a vlog I posted etc).

That’s my fave tip. If you’re scrolling mindlessly through an app and you feel ANY negativity (i.e why don’t I look like them, why is everyone else getting work, why am I not on holiday) just get off your phone. GET OFF YOUR PHONE. Get off your phone and put it AWAY. Or in your bag. Or in your pocket. If you really must have your phone by you cause you’re waiting on a call or email then have it on loud and do something else. If you really are addicted to your phone and can’t go cold turkey yet then move on to a more positive app. If you find yourself in this place a lot – feeling negative a lot on SM then that’s when you know you’re so ready for a detox from it. And if you feel like you can’t have a detox cause you’re so attached to your phone then I hate to be blunt but you’ve got a problem…. I don’t want you to feel guilty or bad about yourself if you do because we’ve all been or are there and the last thing anyone needs is more negativity but it is so important to recognise these things and be prepared to do something about it. You deserve to be happy and positive. You really do. Believe that.


Since the end of last year, I’ve had a few more detoxes and they’ve only been positive. And if the outcome is only positive, then why not do it more? Our wellbeing is so precious and it deserves as much attention as we give our phones. With that in mind, I have promised myself that monthly social media detoxes are essential.

We’re so protective of our phones… We always need to have it close, it always needs to be recharged, we protect it with cases, we want the best model… Why don’t we treat our mental wellbeing with the same amount of care and effort?!

I encourage others to join in and make it a priority. It’s taught me so much and I hope if you’re reading this then maybe it’s inspired you to do the same or similar (if you don’t already…)


As with everything on my blog  – these are just my opinions at the time of posting. I only mean well and wish well for others too. Thanks so much for reading.

Eleanor xxx

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