The Joy of Supporting Others

Well, it’s been a wee while… Almost a month in fact which I think is the longest I’ve gone without writing on here but I’m back now and excited to start writing/waffling (you decide) again…

My pal Coral sent me The Artists Way to borrow in the post along with a beautiful hand-written note and even that left me inspired, grateful and ready to create again.

joy of supporting.JPG

Today I’m writing about the genuine joy of supporting people. Wether that’s their sucess, their efforts, their decisions and so on…

There’s that old saying “Supporting another’s success won’t ever dampen yours” and while some quotes out-cringe me, I love this one because it rings so true. Being truly happy and supporting of ones achievements will create so much positivity. Positivity breeds positivity and the whole world could really do with more of that.

Supporting anothers success always inspires me to better myself or carry on working hard. I never see it as a dark hole leading to comparison or envy because that achieves nothing but bad mental health. It’s a waste of energy. To learn to harness energy that could easily be negative, into something productive and creative can take time but is always worth working on because the outcome is always a good one.

There are so many ways in which you can support people and it’s doesn’t have to take up any time or money or energy.

If your friend has started a new business or venture, simply following, subscribing, liking, commenting etc will mean so, so much to them. Even if it’s someone you don’t really know. One comment can honestly make someones day… You’ve then done a good deed, which always feels great and you’ve also supported someone which in turn will encourage them to carry on doing what they love doing. It is just brilliant.


Then there’s supporting those who are having a not-so-great time of it…

I’ve recently been supported in ways I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for. People going out of their way to help me isn’t something I can ever get my head around, even though I’d do it in a heartbeat for anyone else (weird, innit).

I’d do anything for a friend, a colleague without even thinking about it. It’s human nature. But when you need help and support and you see people willingly give it to you, it’s almost too much to take (for me anyway, being all Cancerian AND an Empath). 

Support is such a beautiful thing and the more you support others, the more you’ll get in return because it works both ways.

Even if you’re flourishing right now, you never know when you’ll need some support so by making a concious effort to be supportive in any way right now to those around you; if and when you need help, you SHOULD get an abundance of it.

This is a shorter post for me but I hope you’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. It’s a thing quite close to my heart at the moment and just love sharing me lil bites of wisdom. Hopefully it’s not too long until my next post but as I’ve asked before (on Insta, follow me here) if there’s anything you want me to write or talk about then do get in touch. Your messages mean so much! MWAH.

As always, thank you so much for reading.

Eleanor xxx

*** If you’re a brand/person and you’d like to work together then pop over an email: … I’d love to hear from you!***

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