What I Want From You

Soo… It’s been a min, huh? Like, over a month?! I hope you all had a good rest over Crimbo Shmimbo and had a very Happy Nu Year (I say Nu cause Nu Metal aint dead, I’m tellin ya)

Anyway. I’m back. Henlo frens.


I was thinking about what I want to be my first post of the year… I have so many drafts and half-finished rambles but I thought I would write about what I want from YOU this year…

…I naturally put other people’s feelings before mine, always have done and most likely always will. Can’t help that. I’m an empath, a cancer, a big sister etc so my whole life is centred on wanting the best for everyone else. I also want the best for me, I do. It’s one thing I have vowed to do this year cause I clearly haven’t been doing that and it’s led to where I am now. That is no shade, no tea, no cryptic-ness at all (so please don’t read into that cause it’s really annoying). However I’m in a really good place now. I know who I am, I feel like me and I love who that person is.

Self-care is something we all must strive for and put first. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that on here but it is so true.

You, the person reading this… I want you to vow to put yourself first a bit more.


I want you to make a promise to make yourself a priority. 

I get that that can be hard… You might have kids, family or friends that rely on you and I’m not saying you should be totally selfish and just think about yourself cause that aint cool either. But I want you to be honest with yourself and what you need. Share that honesty with those around you, too.

Sure, self-care can be yoga, good sleep, good diet, a bath, feelin’ yoself ;)))) etc etc but it’s also making sure you’re actually OKAY.

Once you prioritise yourself and your wellbeing, you will in turn be a better person in friendships and relationships too. If you need a bit of “you” time … It is okay!

I want you to stop feeling like you’re a burden by opening up and telling people how you really feel.

When someone confides in me, I never ever think ‘o h  h er e  w e  g o  a g a i n…‘. I just want to help and I’m glad they feel they can open up to me. And I’m assuming you’re the same as well? So if you’re feeling down, try and forget how you’re going to come across and just let it out.  (I have people message me sometimes so feel free to do the same if you don’t know who to talk to. I’m not a trained councillor but I don’t judge/can maybe help point you in the right direction).

I want you to think “F*** IT!” and do the thing you’ve been putting off out of fear/judgement.

I’m inspired every day by people I know being creative and brave. Most people I know are in some sort of creative industry so I’m used to seeing stuff being made and getting done but that’s not to say that if you’re not in a creative inudstry that you can’t do that thing you wanna do. I know people that wanna do some acting, wanna learn to Salsa, wanna dramatically change their appearance, wanna learn instruments, wanna start a blog etc etc etc … Whatever you do in life, Someone will judge you and someone will have an opinion but they don’t matter cause they’re not you and half the time, those are the kind of people that are just too scared to do things themselves.

My sister and I are slowly working on something we realised we’ve always wanted to do and it might not amount to anything and it might just be a bit of fun but we’ve both said “F*** it, let’s just do it!” and we’re excited to have a laugh and see what happens. It’s exciting. Something new to focus on… SO JUST DO IT!

And I want you to not feel ashamed or vain for taking selfies and thinking/KNOWING you look AMAZING.

I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVE IT when people are feelin’ themselves. You take that picture, you post it and know IT IS OKAY TO ADMIRE YOURSELF. You’re honestly so beautiful as you are but you’re also FIYYAAA when you dress how you want and look how you want to. I wanna see more men posting selfies too. And I am seeing that happen and I love it! Be your own cheerleader and cheer others on, too. This world has a lot of continous sh*t going on in it so let’s keep on building ourselves and each other up. You’re fab, I’m fab, WE ARE ALL FAB*

*unless you’re like a racist or homophobe or prejudice in anyway. Work on that. Stop that. Then be fab.


If you’re not doing anything at all for yourself then the only person you’re hurting is YOU and your mental health. Trust me!

This is all stuff I’ve said before and will continue to speak of. You are so important and you matter so much and sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded of that.

**might do a Part 2 on this cause there’s so much more I wanna say but don’t want this to draaag on sooo…**

thanks for reading *mlem*

El xxx

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