What I Want From You Part 2

Hello! How are we? Glad the year of Jan is over? Me too! Anyway…

I said I’d like to do a Part 2 and here we are! 5 more things that I Want From You this year. I’m asking a lot, I know but I know you can do it/are doing it/are trying.

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I want you to have some social media detoxes. I wrote about why I love them here. I haven’t had long one for a few months so will definitely give myself one soon. Last weekend I had one from Friday night until Sunday night and even that short space of time did wonders!

Everyone needs to step away from the screen and be present in reality.

I was talking about them with a friend and they talked about not wanting to detox cause that’s where they message everyone and didn’t want to be rude by not replying but the reality is… YOU DON’T OWE ANYONE ANYTHING! If there’s an emergency then someone will call you but other than that, no one will be mad at you for not messaging back for a day or two if you’re having a detox from your phone.

With that being said…

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I want you to put your phone away more when you’re spending time with real life people. 

Cause you know what? It’s just rude. And if you’re hanging out and you’re both/all on your phones then what’s the point in being together.

That being said, it’s totally cool if there’s a reason your phone is out. I get it, you may need it out for work or personal reasons or you’re showing us something etc, etc. Most of my pals/fam and I are the “Sorry, sorry!” people when we do get our phones out cause we appreciate the company we are in so much.

I want you to practice the art of changing that negative thought into a positive one. 

Again, something I have written a lot about. I understand that where mental health is concerened, this can be incredibly tough so don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling. But if you’re in a place where you can turn those negatives into positives then DO. I call it an ‘art’ cause it really is a skill and something that takes time and patience but if you force yourself to be aware of your thoughts then you can force yourself to change them for the better cause what you think about, you bring about… If you’re constantly putting negative thoughts into the universe then the universe will deliver that back to you (I am deffo gonna write more about the Law of Attraction this year but for now check out this post if you’re feeling negative).

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I want you to step away from anything toxic. 

(Unless you’re listening to Toxic by our wee Britknee or Toxicity by our huns in SOAD.) ((or those Toxic Waste sweets omg hu members thossseeeee)). But for real. Anything toxic is just holding you back from your health and happiness. Whether that’s a toxic habit you’ve picked up that’s comprimisng your health or a friendship where you’re trying but always feel let down or a relationship full of red flags and unjust behaviours… You are worth more than that. If in doubt, cut it out.

I want you to cleanse your skin.

Yup, I know I’m the one always banging on about taking care of your skin but a good skin care routine does so much more than helping out your skin, it actually makes you feeeeeel so good and it makes you feel like you have your sh*t together even if you don’t. I’ve done videos on what I use personally but if you want an update/blog post on my curent skin care routine then lemme know cause I’d be more than happy to do so.


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Thanks for reading ❤ xxxxxxxx

Eleanor xxx

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