I do it for myself…

Now then, sometimes I like to talk deep and spiritual, sometimes I like to talk about skincare, sometimes I like to have a rant….

Today, I am having a rant.

What started off as a bit of a joke conversation between some family and friends, ended up highlighting a topic so many of us need to talk about…

I’m just gonna dive right in here. No structure or anything, I’m just saying whats on me mind right now…


A lot of us have social media and a lot of us post pictures on our accounts. Dare I say a large percentage of said pictures are pictures of ourselves? Probably…

I for one post a lot of pictures of myself. Does anyone care? I hope not, we’ve all got our own stuff to deal with without caring what kind of selfies people upload.

It may come as a shock to some people, but if a woman posts a photo, she may actually be posting it because she wants to? Because she likes the photo? Because she feels good? Because she feels confident? Here’s a shocker….. She’s probably, almost definitely not posting it FOR A MAN.  

I have never posted a photo online to try and attract a man, because funnily enough, I don’t need a mans approval or attention. I’m not man-hating here at all, but OH MY DAYS…. Can we get rid of this dated, sexist notion that if a woman shows any sort of bare skin online, that she’s a slut-faced-hoe-bag that is just looking for attention so a guy will sleep with her? If I want to post a photo online, whatever it is, I can do that. Cause it’s my choice and it is my body and my face and my bIt oV cL33v4ge…


I had a dude comment on one of my pictures saying “How is that remotely attractive?” which is funny and I definitely did see the funny side cause I actually look fab in the piccies and my make up is disco-fleeky and I’ll be sure to recreate the look again.

Anyway, it prompted some responses and one struck a chord when my friend said “it’s like our only goal in life ever is to be attractive to men.” Which of course is soo0oooo true…. What is the point in living if a man doesn’t fancy me?! Maybe, maybe I should alsoooo grow my hair long to stand a better chance of a man finding me pretty cause if you’re a woman then you should also have long hair because shorter hair isn’t as attractive yknow. Hun… I just simply, can’t even.

Then a week or so later, a family member commented on some photos of mine saying “Ellie… are you serious” and “Realy?!”. Now apparently I am a lovely girl but due to a bit of tit and/or tongue being visable in the photos, it suggests something else…

I’ll tell you exactly what it suggests…

It suggests that I am confident in my own skin, because I have been raised by my parents to love myself just the way I am. It suggests that the love shown from my friends/peers also gives me confidence. It suggests that I am doing and will continue to do what I want to do. It’s not hurting anyone and it isn’t hurting me.

Untitled presentation

People can post whatever photos they want to post. As long as you’re not being offensive, you do you.

FYI, your thigh or cleavage isn’t offensive. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves, to be happy in the skin we are in.

I am all for people expressing themselves. Normalising bodies of all shapes and sizes. All genders. Everyone. I want to always encourage people to love themselves and if loving yourself is expressing that via taking bad ass sexy piccies, then why not?! GO ON BBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s support each other, yeah? Let’s not drag people down.

The people thinking women just post piccies to attract men are also probably the kind of people that mock men for taking selfies. It’s just embarrasing. Get a life. (I love your selfies men, keep taking them!!!!)


If you don’t have anything nice to say to someone, just don’t f***ing say it. Get a grip, be kind and keep your negative thoughts to your negative self.

What you put out there, you attract back to you. I for one like to put out positivity in the world (or posiTITity, if you will) in the hope that the universe delivers positivity back. I like to compliment people and let them know how amazing they are… I would never drag someone down because it just isn’t nice and isn’t needed.

If you are putting out negativity, it says a lot more about you than the person you are trying to make feel small. It is an ugly trait and will manifest itself inside you. I give my kindest sympathy to you if you are like that and hope you stop hurting inside. ❤

‘This world’s an ugly place, but you’re (all) so beautiful to me.’

Eleanor xxx


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