Things people are doing to help their mental health during the pandemic…

Hey guys just a quickie here…

… I asked on instagram what you guys are doing to help your mental health during lockdown and I thought I would share those things with you along with what is helping me too…



Healthy Eating

Lots of walking

Utilising and facilitating peer support groups


Limit Social Media (I wrote about this a while ago HERE)


Addressing sexual health

Starting The Body Shop at home

Not watching too much TV

Meditation and Mindfulness


Reading motivational quotes

Listening to podcasts

Listening to audiobooks

Writing music

Colouring in a colouring book


Spending a lot of time with pets


Sticking to a routine

“Self Love” (you know what I mean)

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To be brutally honest here, which I always try to be, my mental health has been in the sh*tter right now, in fact some days have been so bad my sister and I have actually laughed.

I’m slowly coming out of it now… I was more than fine up until about a week and a half go… I became anxious, paranoid, insecure, self-conscious due to lockdown and not being able to get access to my anti-depressants. I will talk more on this with my sister in a blog post/video as I’m lucky enough to find it easy to talk about mental health and my sister is a MH Nurse.

So here are some things I’ve been doing to help myself that haven’t already been mentioned:




Daily “check ins” with myself ( i.e How do I feel right now? What has triggered any anxiety? How will I overcome this?)

Making sure my space is tidy at all times

Putting make up on, doing my hair, putting a hot outfit on and remidning myself I am a bad bitch


Keeping on top of skin care

Making a Spotify playlist for every mood

Watching hauls on Youtube (why is it so satisfying?!)

Putting my phone away before I settle in bed/putting it down more throughout the day


Online Personality Tests

Pinterest (Follow me here)

Finding things that make me laugh



Being greatful

Watching TV/Films I loved as a kid for dat sweet sweet nostalgia

Opening up and being honest with those closest to me


Listening to Marina 24/7

Not allowing myself to feel guilty for a bad mental health day

Teaching myself things from topics I am interested in …. Like philosophy, Ancient Greece, bits of languages I love like Spanish and French

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One response to my I.G story was “Everything – and it seems like not enough” and I really don’t think they are alone in that. In reality, all we can do is to keep going.

If some days you feel capable of doing a lot, great! If some days you can’t get out of bed, that is okay. Now is not the time for us to feel guilty for not being busy because we ARE ON LOCKDOWN. We simply CAN’T be “busy” in the way that we are used to.

A lot of people, especially those in creatibe industries have a NEED to create and if that isn’t being fulfilled then we feel useless, down and like a waste of space but mentally, sometimes we just can’t and we need to akcnowlegde that.

Every day we make it through is a day closer to normality. I know that that is a long way off but for the sake of our mental wellbeing, we can’t dwell in what sucks right now.

Please be kind to yourself. Don’t put yourself down. Know that you are enough. Please know that you are enough.

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Eleanor xxx


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