26 Little Things at 26

Hey sxc people, how we doing?? I hope you’re all okay and are looking after yourselves and each other ❤

I turned 26 this month (gulllppppp)

…so thought I’d share 26 little lessons I’ve learnt along the way ….

Untitled drawing (5)

  1. People get used to you putting everyone else first and the moment you put yourself first, they don’t like it. They’ll create false excuses, stalk your socials and say sh*t about you. Fuck them. 🙂

2. Worrying means you go through something twice. So don’t.

3. Finding myself again was the best thing that happened to me.

4. I love the person I am and it’s not cocky to recognise that.

5. Telling yourself “remember who the fuck you are” in the mirror every day is cliche but essential

6. People thinking they can take advantage of your kindness is actually a power because people show their true colours and get a shock when they realise they can’t fuck with you

7. You’re happiest when in nature, surrounded by flowers and animals, preferably by water

8. You’ll never be able to put yourself first properly because that’s in your soul but knowing when to take some time for you means you can carry on thinking of others first and still be healthy

9. People love to be needed so never shy away from asking for help

10. Keep going with your gut

11. When Oli Sykes said “some people are a lot like clouds you know, cause life’s so much brighter when they go” … he was so right

12. Never live always feeling comfortable. Never be complacent.

13. Manifestation totally works

14. There is nothingggg without honesty, trust and loyalty

15. Never accept anyone telling you what you should or shouldn’t do

16. Many people don’t follow up their good intentions with good actions

17. Keep making your little space on the internet a place for people to feel safe and encouraged.

18.  When Kele sang “You don’t need to find answers for questions never asked of you” , he was so right

19. You’re over excited and enthusiastic about everythingggg in life but don’t expect everyone else to be on your level. You’re just weird.

20. Never apologise for not keeping things in and being utterly honest about how you feel there and then. People will always know where they stand with you.

21. It’s never too late.

22. Carry on not caring what people think of you.

23. Keep telling people to put their phone away when you’re 1 on 1 and also for their own wellbeing

24. People respect an upfront “no” or “yes”

25. Going back to the “old” you isn’t taking a step backwards.

26. People will believe what they want to believe… Regardless of what they will tell you.

as always, thank you for reading. stay safe and be kind. lots of love.


El xxx



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