My top Law of Attraction exercises

Heyyyyyyy there. I thought I’d share my fave exercises for manifesting.

None of these are thought of by me, clearly, but they are ones I have found over the past few years that really help me not only with the Law Of Attraction but with my mental wellbeing too.

If you are unfamiliar with the LOA or manifesting, I’ll link some stuff below. If you’re a sceptic of cynic, be open just a lilllll bit cause even if you don’t totally believe it, some of the things mentioned below are worth it just for the positivity and perspective they bring.

The thing with Law of Attraction is that you can’t be sceptical or cynical because it results in negative energy swimming into the universe and you will only get negative energy back. Once you start to believe in it and think only positive thoughts, you’re whole approach and outlook on life will change. The Law of Attraction allows you to create the life you really want … Things can happen overnight or take years to come into fruition… The harder you work at it, the more you will get out of it. Like anything in life.

I was super sceptical at the start because my family and I only ever seemed to have proper bad luck but once I got a grip and*t.go , it did wondersssss for my outlook and mental wellbeing. I WISH I knew about this/believed/accepted it years ago.

Anywayyyyyy, in no particular order…

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1. Be Grateful

Let’s start off with probably the most important one: Gratitude.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Writing down or saying aloud to yourself what you are grateful for will bring more of the same back to you.

I’m so used to doing it that everytime something happens that makes me smile, I automatically say to myself “I am so greatful for this” and it can go from being greatful for a happy relationship/friendship or something “smaller” like a good meal or a good brew. We are luckier than we realise. Growing up working class makes gratitude easier I think because you don’t tend to sweat the small stuff; you just appreciate what you actually already have that so many people don’t.

If, especially in times like this, you are having a bit of a shitty day, don’t underestimate the power of writing down even 5 things you are greatful for.

2.  Dream Board

A dream/vision board is where you draw/print out photos of things you want in your life and you then stick them to a board or something you can have visible in your home so that you see it every day.

The idea is that the more you see it, the more you subconsciously vision it all happening to you so without realising, you start putting in those steps for it all to happen.

Every time you look at the board and imagine/want all that to happen, you have to believe it’s already on its way because you have asked the universe for it…

For example, for so long I wanted to play a bad-ass Suffragette in a play so I printed off the famous picture of two women holding a large “VOTES FOR WOMEN” sign. I then began researching more and more about them and what they did and how they must’ve felt then all of a sudden my then agent rang and I was offered the part of a suffragette without even having to audition for it. When it came to rehearsals I had already done the research so was able to just absorb the rehearsals and experience. I then ripped the photo off from my mood board and replaced it with a drawing of a working class northern girl in WW2 and  less than 4 months later, I got to play that exact part.

I have things on there that I know won’t happen straight away, like my dream house but I have things I know are within easy reach, like a dress I’m lusting after. There’s a lot on youtube about vision boards and they go into further detail so deffo go check them out!

3. Visualise

This is probably the the one that we all do without even realising ….  We all create scenarios in our heads, we all day dream, we all think about the things that we want…

What you think about, you bring about.

For instance I had a real bad depressive episode last week and after lying on my bed crying, I sat up, closed my eyes and realllllly visualised getting back into the swing of things with my career and then the next day I woke up to a job offer and a self-tape.

When you’re visualising what you want to happen, make sure you actually FEEL it happen to you. Imagine it as if it is happening right now and go through the motions of it. Is your heart racing? Are you feeling joyus? Do it!!!!!

4. Use Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are GREAT.

A positive affirmation is a statement to help you improve your life or overcome something that is challenging you. I write these down often and read them back or I say them in my head… Here are just a few examples:

“I am attracting a better and happier life every day”

“I know that (insert what you want here) is on its way”

“I am so happy and grateful now that (insert what you want here) has happened to me”

Check this post out for more.

5. Positive Lists

Write down a list of things that are positive in your life or things that you are looking forward to … Nothing is too big or too small… It’s your own list to keep more positivity in your subconscious.

Here’s an example:

“I’m filming this week and get to see family and friends at the same time” , “I’ve got enough points on my Costa app for a free brew wooo yes bitch”

6. Goal Setting

Goals give you something to work towards … Something to get out of bed for … As long as you don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

I set my bigger goals yearly and really get specific with what I want. I find the more general the goals are, the harder they are to achieve.

I have a special notebook dedicated to LOA (Yes I am aware I am “one of tho0o0ose people”) and I write down my goals and continue to look at the goal page. Ticking a goal off is the BEST FEELING.

7. Talk About Your Dream Out Lod

Whether to yourself, to a person, on social media…. Shout out about it!

I donut care how stooooopid I look when I’m doing whatever I’m doing, talking to myself about what I want to happen. It’s as if cause I’ve said it out loud, it has to happen. I’ve made a verbal contract with myself ….. Speak it into existence!

This sends a stronger message to the universe!

8. Connect To A Tangible Object

This is one I am not toooo familiar with but have done a few times…

Essentially it’s like a good luck charm. Give your power to something tangible. A necklace, ring, jacket etc – every time you touch it or wear it, you are giving it magic and it will bring you what you desire. Really BELIEVE you are giving it the magic and the universe will deliver.

9. Live ‘As If’ It’s Already Happened

Okay this is the exercise that took me the most to let go and sink into… At first I was all “Jeez, who do I think I am?” but that was down to me not fully believing I deserve what I want…

But now I do live ‘As If’… If you’re after a dream job, live AS IF you have that job and are waiting to start…. If you live as if, you are sending out alllll the vibrations that match you already having that job so the universe will have no choice but to deliver.

YES I KNOW it might sound crazy but the more you genuinely believe; it’ll become your reality.

10.Spread Positivity

Something I love to do is to not hold in my ‘positive word vomit’ – If I think something nice about someone, wether I know them or not, I share that compliment with them. That could be “Your outfit is lush!” or “You are a bloody great human”… Anything!

Yes I do get weird looks but there’s enough neggy vibez on this Earth and it costs nothing to be nice.

You can spread positivity by smiling at people, sharing joy in their good news, being kindm polite, optimistic etc…. The more good you put out there into the universe, the more you will get back. Trust it. Good karma.

11. Do Random Acts Of Kindness

Similar to spreading positivity, random acts of kindess is just bloody lovely…

A RAOK doesn’t have to involve money. You can dedicate your free time to helping someone, volunteering, being supportive, listening to people when they need someone to talk to, you can ‘like’,’share’,’RT’ your pals art or business…

Give good, get good.

12. Inspirational Quotes

Okay I will hold my hands up and say I jokingly mock the healthy-milkshake-and-vitamin-diet-pills-that-make-you-shit-and-vom pyramid scheme sellers for the pictures of inspirational quotes that they post but there is a good use for these quotes because they can make you feel positive, proactive and worthy of what you want to attract!

You can find these on insta, pinterest etc in picture form but here are some of my faves below:

‘I attract abundance and prosperity into my reality’

‘Love yourself so much that when someone treats you wrong, you recognise it’

‘Don’t be suprised at how quickly the universe moves once you’ve decided’

‘Look forward to where you want to be and spend no time complaining about where you are’

‘Thoughts become things’

‘ASK for what you want, BELIEVE it is going to happen and you shall RECIEVE it’

13. To Do Lists

Used in the right way, a to do list can really help with your Law of Attraction practice.

It can keep you productive, motivated and passionate about your life.

DON’T let these bog you down – make them manageable and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t tick everything off. Start with a few things you NEED to do and once you’ve done that, you can add to the list as you go as oppose to writing one heck of a list and never getting around to it all.

The satisfaction of ticking off what you have done is just another way of giving out positive vibrations.

14. Wish Lists

This is another super powerful exercise because you are directly asking the universe for what you want.

Before you start writing, you have to believe that what you are about to ask for is going to materialise. Ask, believe, recieve.

Make sure you write in the present tense and start off small, showing gratitude and appreciation for what it is you’re wishing for.

Really think about what it is you want – be specific and imagine it happening as you write down.

Date the lists and update on a regular basis… It is crazy when you look back and things actually happen!

15. Get Rid Of Negativity

As I have said before, what you THINK about you BRING about.

So if you’re thinking negatively, that is what you’re putting out into the universe.

A popular example of this is if you wake up one morning and you’re running late for work… If you keep thinking/saying “Ugh I’m gonna be lateeee” then you will be, that’s what you’re essentially asking for… If you change that into a positive and start thinking/saying “I’m gonna be on time! I will be on time! I AM on time” then you will be.

The universe delivers what you put out there…

16. Research More

Read the books, watch the documenteries, GOOGLE IS FREEEEE!

My fave books are:

The Power of Intention by Dr Wayne. W. Dyer

Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

The Secret (series) by Rhonda Byrne

17.  Make Room For It To Come

This is kinda like living as if what you want has already happened…

If you make room in your life for what you want to come, you are accepting that it is going to happen and you are ready for when it does. This sends positive vibrations out to the universe so that the universe knows to deliver it to you! If you haven’t made room for it to come then the universe won’t think that you are ready for it.

Ya get me?

18.  Visualise In 3rd Person

I’m pretty good at visualising everything in 3rd person… Any situation or dilema that I go through, I put myself in other people’s shoes but also look at it from a birds eye view… That way I know I’m not stuck in my own head or being selfish.

This is a great exercise for the Law of Attraction too! By visualising what you want in 3rd person or from a birds eye view, you make the vibrations of that scenario much stronger to the universe. It makes it feel REAL. You’re allowing yourself to believe it is going to happen.

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I hope hope hope you enjoyed this post and hope hope hope love and positivity comes your way. Stay safe. Be kind.

Eleanor xxx

*** If you’re a new/upcoming or small brand/person and you’d like to work together then pop over an email: … I’d love to hear from you!***

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