we are artists and we are pissed off

it is hard enough forging a career in the arts. it is draining constantly explaining what we do to people. this recent blast of bullshit from Rishi Sunak is just tipping us further over the edge…

in fact, i think i’ve already fallen off…

i normally plan out my blog posts and *aim* to be coherent and gramatically correct but i’m sat on my bed tonight really pissed off and ready to have a little ramble…

does he and other members of the goverment not realise that most of us with a career in the arts, also have to work full and part time in another job, often unrelated, just to try and get by? it is a total and complete insult to suggest retraining for a different career when we are ALREADY DOING JUST THAT AND MORE.

when i explain to people who aren’t actors the amount of graft and financial expendature that goes on behind the scenes, constantly, they’re always shocked and suprised… i know this is the case with other jobs in the arts, too.

explaining headshots, showreels, equity, spotlight, mandy, ringlights, train fairs to auditions, workshops etc etc etc is tiring because all of that mentioned costs a lot of money and that’s before you’ve even considered getting an audition that may or may not lead to a job.

artists are often not just artists. we are balancing two careers at once. fighting for each and every taste of the art we work so hard for.

the sheer amount of conversations i have with actors, musicians, djs, writers, directors, photographers etc on a daily basis about how scared we are, how frustrated we are, how it’s taken a toll on our mental health is really worrying. the last thing we need is this SH*TE.

i’m not out here WOE IS US-ing but to undermine what the arts do to peoples lives and wellbeing is completely and utterly DISGUSTING.

how are we supposed to support and respect a goverment that rips the plaster off with no warning and digs deeper and deeper into the wound?

nothing annoys artists more than those family members that are ignorant and shaming towards our careers… the ones who say stuff like “why don’t you get a proper job?” or “why aren’t you buying a house” and so on …. so to now have our stupid government do the same????? i can’t finish this sentence… i don’t know what to say.

most of our graft goes unseen. it is rarely taken seriously.


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