World Mental Health Day 2020

Today is World Mental Health Day but of course, every day should and IS World Mental Health Day for our health and preserving it is paramount.

I talk about MH a lot on here, on social media and in real life. As someone who finds it easy to talk openly about something so important, I feel it’s my duty to do so and to try and encourage more open conversation if I can.

This isn’t going to be a long post … just a reminder to remember that you are never alone. You really aren’t. You are valued and you are so, so important. You are not defined by your illness just like if you had a cold, you wouldn’t be defined by that either.

You are more than enough -always remind yourself that.

I have had a few episodes of depression and anxiety in the past and currently have depression but I am good. I gots my meds.

I want to write a little about what helps me personally right now with depression… I’m not a trained professional but I am so passionate about mental health and helping people that some of this may or may not be of use!

The one thing that truly helps me when my depression is bad is to remind myself that my symptoms are not really, genuinely me… If this makes any sense at all; when I have a dark thought or feel useless or like a waste of space, I always remind myself that it is not ME who is thinking that. I, MYSELF do not actually think that. It is the DEPRESSION planting that thought into my head. It can be impossible to not give into those thoughts but the more you fight and remind yourself it isn’t the REAL YOU that is thinking that, it does start to help.

Depression exaustion and other phyical symptoms on the other hand are ones that we can’t always bannish. Remember you are not weak if the exhaustion sends you to bed or to do nothing. Just acknowlodging what it is is something. Feeling guilty for not being super active will only feed into the depression. If rest is what you need, rest up and try some gentle exercise after a nap or the next day. Please never ever feel guilty.

Humour is probably the biggest medication for me, family and friends. Not that I mock mental health, but I do mock my own and see the funny in the dark because it brings me back to normality and reminds me that I am not defined by an episode of crappy mental health. The hard truth is, mental illness affects most of us at some point… It is so normal. I wish, oh I WISH it wasn’t but it is. To see the funny side will always be an anti-D to me. If you don’t feel you’re at that point or feel lost then do not worry. Be patient with yourself… Watch stuff that once made you laugh, join meme pages on FB (I’m deffo NOT in a R-Patz one……………. ……), it may help, even a little.

Some other things that may help….Write down how you feel, talk out loud – even to yourself, try these law of attraction tips, don’t beat yourself up for not being productive, create playlists to suit all moods, don’t compare your behind the scenes to someone elses highlight reel, don’t let ANYONE invalidate how you feel (they can sod off), try to keep your space as clean as possible….

But most importantly of all … I don’t force myself. I give myself a little nudge to exercise and eat well but if I feel I really can’t do something, I don’t. I choose to take care of myself, always.

Remember that nothing is permanent and that you will move on from this.

Here are some resources:

You can call Samaritans at any time – 116 123 and can email in the UK

You can dm me on social media or email me at That goes for if we know each other well or not at all. You are not alone, you got this boo ❤


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