What’s up?! I’m Eleanor, an actor represented by Urban Talent who also runs this blog.


I’m 25 years old, trained at ALRA North and I currently live in Warwickshire but you’ll also find me in Manchester, Sheffield and wherever else life takes me…

On here you’ll find all my thoughts & feelings about life, mental health, lifestyle and beauty.

I try to be as honest as I can be and write about things I enjoy and am passionate about.

*Currently taking a break from the blog and my channel but don’t hesitate to get in touch*

When I don’t have my head in a script, I’ll be listening to Deftones with a coffee and (hopefully) a dog or 67.

I’m into theatre, tv, film, philosophy, yoga, emo music and various kinds of Gin …

If you like the sound of that and fancy getting in touch then do send an email to helloeleanorcora@gmail.com – I’d love to hear from you!


Anything gifted will be clearly marked and stated specifically. 

Any paid posts or promotions will also be clearly stated.

I am ‘PR Friendly’ 


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